No Justice for Gympie Street!

22 06 2009
Woodstock AEC Press Release
Monday 22 June 2009

On the 17th of June, the Cape High Court ruled in favour of Pastor Dennis Robertson, which means many people in Gympie Street are officially homeless. On the weekend only two families in Gympie Street were provided with alternative accommodation arranged by Councillor Shehaam Sims, most were not. This means most of the people that were evicted have not been provided with alternative accommodation, which is blatantly unconstitutional.  Read the rest of this entry »

Gympie residents in Cape High Court this evening to have an urgent application heard

29 05 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
29th of May, 2009

This evening, Gympie Street residents filed an urgent application at the Cape High Court.

The case was brought before Judge Maqubela in Court #7 and has now been postponed until Thursday 4th of June at 15h30.

As we have said before, the entire operation was done illegally and without consideration of the PIE Act. This is criminal.

Judge Maqubela proclaimed that he wants to be fair in this trail and was concerned about the lack of official papers authorising the sheriff of the court to enact the eviction.

On behalf of the residents, advocate Omar requested to know on what legal basis does the registrar of the court have the authority to evict people from their houses.

For more information, please contact Willy at 073 144 3619, Margarete at 072 642 7386, and Mr Omar (lawyer) at 082 492 5207

Also see our archive of information on Gympie Street

Poor residents illegally evicted in Woodstock because of City bylaw

27 05 2009
Woodstock Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Today, just across the road from evicted Gympie Street residents, another illegal eviction took place at 12A Victoria Rd in Woodstock.

This illegal eviction happened without a court order, without the Sheriff of the Court and despite the fact that all residents have continued to pay rent on a consistent basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Photos of May 2009 Gympie Street evictions

23 05 2009

Media: Gympie residents out on the street

23 05 2009
May 22, 2009 Edition 1
Source: Cape Argus

GYMPIE Street residents spent their third night sleeping in the street last night after a five-year eviction battle between them and their landlord.

Eleven people who were ordered – in a Cape High Court ruling – to vacate two dilapidated Woodstock houses with broken windows and no water or electricity, ended up in the street on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile the owner of the properties has offered to pay R10 000 a household to help them move.

Josephine Jones begged the owner, Dennis Robertson, to change his mind.

“I was born in this street, so were my mother and my children,” said Jones. Read the rest of this entry »

This is not a game!

22 05 2009
Gympie St Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Friday 22 May, 2009

Event: Gympie residents to meet with Shehaam Sims (Mayco Housing) at 09h00 today

This is not a game! People’s lives are at stake.

Yesterday, Gympie Street resident Lydia Portland passed away. She had a stroke even though she was only in her 50s. While she was not among the two families who were evicted earlier in the week, she was the head of one of the families slated to be illegally evicted next week.

As close friends of Lydia, we are very sad and many of us are wondering if stress from looming eviction might have lead to Lydia’s death.  While we will never know for sure, we assert once again: This is not a game! Read the rest of this entry »

Gympie Street Shame – Zille to blame?

21 05 2009

by davidrobertlewis

I have just come from Gympie Street where Willie Heyn and his family and their belongings are on the street, forceably evicted by an apartheid-era injustice which continues to play itself out today. With no opportunity given to purchase their home, in which they lived for generations, the Heyn family are now in a scene straight out of Les Misrables as the DA-Lead City continues to protect the landed gentry. Read the rest of this entry »