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Asiyi eDelft!We are not going to Delft!

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25 03 2008

I just want to find out the people in Joe Slovo who gave them the right to occupy the land cause as far as i know that land belongs to the government. Where do they come from? We as Cape borners we still waiting patiently in our mothers back yards and they come yesterday and demand houses for free, hayi khona. In nowadays you will never get a house for free cause if government had to do that don’t they think will be like Zimbabwe!!! People must know No houses are free and if that was so don’t you think we all could have had houses!!! The people of Joe Slovo must just move back to their hometown cause Western Cape is getting over populated and they make rediculous demands for houses. You will never find a fight of houses in the Eastern Cape, its because they are occupying our land and act as if they can’t afford. People of Joe Slove have degraded Settlers Way in Langa and that area has no longer value at all due to shack dwellers. People of Delft i understand them cause they come from Cape Town and have been waiting list forever and Joe Slove people burn their shacks and expect to get houses first. That’s not fare for fellow capetonians. Please note this housing issues will never end.

27 03 2008
23 05 2008
17 06 2008
23 01 2009
25 01 2009

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