The Anti-Eviction Campaign (AEC) is run off a shoestring budget. It is a 100% volunteer-run social movement; its volunteers receiving no salary or renumeration for their work. Co-ordinators and members of the executive committee are elected by their community based on their proven commitment to fighting for the community’s best interests.

Furthermore, the AEC does not take any sort of government or government-aligned funding. It is committed to remaining a grassroots and autonomous expression of the communities it represents.



To donate by domestic or international bank transfer, please send to:

Please note: The bank account of the WC-AEC is not active at this time.  Please do not send money to the old Anti-Eviction account.  If you would like to donate to the WC-AEC, please send us an email at aec [at] with your contact details and the amount you would like to pledge towards our cause.  We will then contact you when we are ready to receive you funds

Alternatively, you may donate via our partner in the US, the South African Development Fund (see below) and they will hold the donation until we have a new bank account.



Donations from the USA (these donations are tax-deductible):

Pay by Check
Please make checks payable to “South Africa Development Fund,”
and mail to:
South Africa Development Fund
555 Amory St
Boston, MA 02130
Important: Please write “for AEC” in the memo line. That is the only way SADF will know that the donation is for us.  Please inform the AEC of the donation so we are able to keep track of it.


To donate by credit card from the USA:

Important: All credit card donations go to the South African Development Fund who will transfer the full amount to the Anti-Eviction Campaign. However, please do not forget to put “for the Anti-Eviction Campaign (AEC)” in the designation box.  That is the only way SADF will know that the donation is for us.  Also, be aware that credit card companies take a percentage of your donation.

Please inform the AEC of all donations made to SADF so that we can keep track of them. Thanks!

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