Change room families’ future still uncertain

16 09 2011

Fadela Slamdien – Sep 15 2011 – The New Age

Six families living in decrepit change rooms at Athlone Stadium in Kewtown are still in the dark about whether the council has plans to relocate them.

The council issued eviction notices against the families, some of whom had lived in the change rooms for 10 years, as they wanted to demolish the buildings to extend the parking area as part of a R406m upgrade of Athlone Stadium for the soccer World Cup.

When the families ignored the notices, the city took the matter to court, claiming the premises were unfit for human habitation and alleging the occupants were involved in “illegal activities”, which they strenuously denied.

But magistrate Mas-Udah Pangarker refused to evict the families. Instead, she ordered the city to either provide the families with alternative accommodation in the surrounding area if it wanted to demolish the building, or allow the families to remain. Read the rest of this entry »

Heartbreak, eviction, broken promises

11 09 2011

Melanie Gosling – September 7 2011 at 12:36pm – Cape Times

FOR around 50 years Ellen Leputing has been trying to secure a home in Cape Town, but has been evicted, burnt out, betrayed and beaten by the system. Her family are facing eviction again.

On the surface, it is a straightforward case of the authorities trying to remove people from a condemned building. On a deeper level, it lays bare the battle of the poor and the powerless to keep a roof over their heads, a battle which, for some families, carries on over decades and across generations.

Leputing, 62, is a state pensioner living in Sandile Park, Gugulethu. She used to live in the adjacent Masonwabe Park, two blocks of 40 flats in Gugulethu’s Dr Moerat Road. Two of her adult children and several grandchildren still live there, as do four of her sister’s children. Read the rest of this entry »

Pavement Dwellers in Joburg to promote their new book

3 08 2011

Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign
3 August 2011

‘A beauty, extraordinary in every way.’
Naomi Klein, author of ‘The Shock Doctrine’ and ‘No Logo’

The Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers who now stay in Blikkiesdorp have just arrived in Johannesburg to promote our new unique anthology, No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way.

We invite all our supporters, detractors and anyone interested in learning more about our struggle to hear Sarita, Lilly, Jane, Tilla and Mina speak about their daily struggles dignity in the new South Africa.

They will be featured in a panel discussion today at the NGO/Social Movement Fair and will be hosting a book launch tonight at Love and Revolution in Mellville. On Thursday evening, five of the authors will be speaking about their critique of urban planning at Wits university. On Saturday, Finally, the authors will be hosting a stall at the Jozi Book Fair for the entire event, from the 6th until the 8th of August. On the 6th of August, they will be hosting another panel discussion at the Fair.

These events will be an important opportunity for our communities to speak about their struggles for land, housing and dignity.

If you are not able to attend, please consider buying our book available at most South African bookstores or online at Kalahari.

Here are the details of the events in the next few days: Read the rest of this entry »

The City of Cape Town has created this war in Blikkiesdorp

29 07 2011
29 July 2011
Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release

We warned the City.
We warned the courts.
We warned the public.

Fearing for our lives and with a heavy heart, we write this to tell Zille, Plato and de Lille and say: We told you so!

Yesterday, the morning of the 28th of July, Blikkiesdorp exploded into a full-scale drug war.

This is what we warned the government against when we resisted our eviction to Blikkiesdorp from the pavement of Symphony Way. The shacks we built ourselves were better than the shacks that our City has built and dumped us in.

We, as residents of this camp, have no control here because the City has disempowered us and stood by while drug-dealers have invaded the ‘temporary’ relocation area.

Yesterday morning, two adults were shot in broad daylight by three gunmen. Yesterday evening, a revenge shooting took place and three more people were shot and are now in hospital. One of those shot was a teenage boy, a member of the Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers. Some people have been arrested but all the residents of Blikkiesdorp know that this is only the beginning as revenge killings are likely to continue in the weeks to come. Read the rest of this entry »

Help bring Symphony Way for a book tour to the US/UK

30 06 2011

A beauty, extraordinary in every way.’
Naomi Klein, author of ‘The Shock Doctrine’ and ‘No Logo’.

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About This project:

The aim of this project is to bring three authors of the acclaimed book No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way on a tour of the USA and the UK.

A group of families who have called themselves the Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers are demanding that their voices are heard and they need your help to bring them to your city:

New York
Washington DC
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Media: 2010 legacy sweet for some, bitter for many

14 06 2011

THE most obvious “spectacle” of the international event’s legacy is the Cape Town Stadium, its indelible mark fixed on the city’s skyline.

The 55 000-seat stadium has been used for various events, including sports, international concerts, and private functions. Its running costs, however, have been a major liability for the city, with former operating company Sail StadeFrance pulling out of the lease agreement because of the risks of unprofitability.

Read the rest of this entry »

Right2Know activists demand more access to information

25 05 2011

May 25 2011 at 11:26am – IOL

ct R2K Protest 6969 (16133275)

Regina Graham

DESPITE the rain, 40 Right2Know protesters gathered outside the Civic Centre yesterday to demand access to information from local and national governments.

Community organisers from the Blikkiesdorp, Zille-Raine Heights, Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Mandela Park backyaders partnered with the Right2KNow organisation to submit applications to gain access to information about housing delivery and resettlement plans.

“Three communities demand access to information about things like budgets and how money is going to be allocated. There is a lack of transparency and a lot of secrets within the community and city,” said Tinashe Njani, the campaign administrator. Read the rest of this entry »