Contact List

* All written correspondence should be sent to aec [at] *
* For website related issues, email us at webmaster [at] *

WC-AEC Coordinating Committee

Mncedisi Twalo Chairperson WC-AEC

Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign

078 5808646
Gary Hartzenberg Vice-Chairperson WC-AEC

Newfields Village Community Representative Committee

072 3925859
Laylah Ryklief Secretary WC-AEC

Zille-Raine Heights Community

073 6979223
Willy Heyn Vice-Secretary WC-AEC

Blikkisdorp Informal Committee

073 1443619
Ashley Louw Treasurer WC-AEC

Delft Integrated Network

072 0529466
Matilda Groepe Coordinator WC-AEC

Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign

076 4772508
Grenville Paulsen Coordinator WC-AEC

Newfields Village Community Representative Committee

076 3762341
Eleanor Hoedemaker Coordinator WC-AEC

Zille-Raine Heights Community

074 7247373
Martin Legassick Activist and AEC supporter

UWC Emeritus Professor

083 4176837


Affiliates in Cape Town

Mzonke Poni Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape (Khayelitsha) 073 2562036
Mzwanele Zulu Joe Slovo Liberative Residents (Langa) 076 3852369
Michelle Yon Hangberg Solution Seekers Association (Hout Bay) 074 2855473
Loyiso Mfuku Mandela Park Backyarders (Khayelitsha) 073 7662078


Affiliated movements throughout South Africa

S’bu Zikode Abahlali baseMjondolo (KZN) 031 2691228

083 5470474

Phillip Phosa Landless People’s Movement (Gauteng) 083 9697430
SECC Soweto Electiricty Crisis Committee (Gauteng)  
APF Anti-Privatisation Forum (Gauteng) 011 3394123
Maxwell Cele Mpumalanga Concerned Group 083 3309848


36 responses

20 02 2008

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet a great community of fighters. I was talking to Ashraf about links in the US housing struggles:

”Recalling the Great Depression’s anti-eviction struggles”
Written recently, makes connection between past movements and the early beginnings of similar movements in response to the developing US foreclosure crisis.

The above article references Mark Naison’s:
“Chpt 3, From Eviction Resistance to Rent Control — Tenant Activism in the Great Depression”
It may help for thinking about strategy and tactics, I can put you in touch with Mark Naison if you’d like.

The book the above article was in was reviewed in Monthly Review:

US orgs involved with these struggles:

21 02 2008

pls have a look.

Aluta continua,


9 03 2008
Anusha Govender

I’m an Honours student at UKZN and am affiliated with the Industrial, Organisational and Labours Studies Newsletter.

We are very interested in your organisation and would like to know if we could please have the email address of your media officer or any other relevant person.

Thank You
Anusha Govender

4 04 2008

Dear Friends

I would like to bring to your attention the case of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine and ask that you link to this post or ask your readers and members to please sign the petition to return our dear brother Lovinsky to his family and community..

in solidarity


29 07 2008

a united state organisation known as earth right institute has directed me to contact your organisation.
the organisation will like to educate your organisation about land right and land value capture through an a free online course on land right and land value capture.
the aim of this programme is to ensure that land value capture /taxation is implemented by the public office holders .
also to ensure that people enrolled for this online programme.
l am cordianting this project in south africa.

so ,l will want to know if your organisation has an office in pretoria that l can visit or someone l can visit.

+1 310 881-7265 Tel
+1 310 401-3056 Fax

5 08 2008
James. louw

Hi i am in desperate need of help. i am kiked out of my granny house because she passed away. the lawyears sold the house. me and my wife have no place to go. can some one help us please. we stay in Ravensmead.

11 12 2008
Rohin R


I am a doctor by profession,from India.I would like to work with your organization.Please provide me information for the same.


7 01 2009
Nthamaga Kgafela

This organisation has really captured my interest. I am a municipal outreach officer working on an EU project implemented at the South African Institute of Race Relations. The project aims to tackle issues, amongst inequality, in South Africa’s urban areas. Should you wish to get information on the project, or have any queries, please contact Nthami Kgafela at the e-mail address given above.

We hope to work together with you in comabating poverty in South Africa’s most urban municipalities, where inequality persists.

6 03 2009
Emma Lui

Dear friends,

My name is Emma Lui. I am from Canada but am living in Japan now. I finished my studies in Political Economy last summer where I wrote my thesis on water privatization and the World Water Council. The reason I’m writing is because I have been working on a campaign based on my thesis to protest the World Water Council and their 5th World Water Forum. As you may know, it begins March 16 and runs until March 22 in Instanbul, Turkey.

I have started a petition to protest their promotion of policies that privatize segments of water services, which result in water cut-offs among other harmful impacts. I’m trying to get 20, 000 signatures to match the 20, 000 that are expected at the forum. That’s a steep hill to climb by March 20th, 2009 (the petition deadline) but I know there are at least that many people in the world that oppose privatization. At least. I just need to find them :) Anyway, I thought I’d contact your campaign since it seems like your community organizations do very important work involving water cut-offs.

If you know people who would be willing to sign this petition, can you forward the petition website to them? It’s

It would make a really strong statement to the World Water Council, 5th Forum and international community if we could get that many supporters.
Thank you so much!

In solidarity,

30 06 2009
John Samper

Dear Anti-Eviction Campaign,

I am the southern Africa correspondent for Project Youthanize, a multimedia organization concerned with youth, politics, and activism based out of Madison, Wisconsin (USA).

I am writing a series on the 2010 World Cup and would like to interview a representative and learn more about the the effects of the coming event on the Anti-Eviction Campaign. Given the significant erosion of housing rights during past mega-events, what challenges has the event posed for the struggle, especially for young people, and how does the campaign intend to respond? On the other hand, are the any opportunities the campaign intends to capitalize upon, having observed past examples of activism during such events?

I will be in the Western Cape late next week and would love a chance to learn more about your organization. I understand the last-minute nature of this request, but any assistance would be appreciated by both staff and readers.


25 08 2009
Marnie Lucas

Dear AEC,

I don’t know if there are any there that might remember, but I had an incredible opportunity to get to know and work with many of you back in 2002 while I was a student at York University doing research there in Cape Town on the “post-apartheid liberation struggles” in South Africa. I am so grateful for that experience, the chance to get to know your work and make new friends. I really cannot thank you enough. I think of you all very often and am so very pleased to see the strength and growth of the AEC since that time. I wish you the very best of luck and look forward to returning one day to visit and show my family all of the amazing work you are doing.

In the mean time, best of luck to you, and keep up the great work! You are really an inspiration to us all!

In the mean time, best of luck to you and keep up the great work! You are really an inspiration to us all!

Amandla Awethu!
Marnie Lucas

1 02 2010
Daniel Delang

Dear AEC,

I am a 26 years old photography student from Munich, Germany.
Concerning my bachelor degree, I would like to realize a photo reportage about “forced removals” in Cape Town. Would it be possible to get some sort of assitance through your organisation?
It would be important for me to get accesss to the respective areas and if required, to be escorted.

In return you would be able to use my pitures for the purpose of public relations and so on.

It would be great if you could provide me with further informations or let me know the contact informations of any relevant person that could help me.

Please contact:

Best regards,
Daniel Delang

5 02 2010
Velile Maxwell Dingaan


I am touched by the messages on this site and would love to bring to your attention as I write this mail now, my neighbour is being evicted out of her house @No 5 Nabe Way Settlers place Langa 7455, and currently looking for the way forward, and would love to be of help to such wonderfull works you are busy with.
Kindly Advice ASP if possible
Keep up the good work
Kind regards

2 04 2010

Hi – I was born in Joburg but I have lived in London since I was 4. I recently got invited to the world cup and accepted. Since then, I have become aware of the damage that the event is doing to poor people thanks to the work of your organisation. I intend to make a donation to the AEC but will also like to know what else, if anything I can do to help. I will be in Cape Town for 2-3 days in June and if you need voluntary work assistance with anything please let me know. I will do anything – drive, protest, stuff envolopes, clean toilets..


2 04 2010
Ian Weniger

Hello from Vancouver, where the Olympics just cost us 9 billion dollars, and our government is now making sure we pay for all of it. Our children will pay for it, and if we don’t fight back now, our grandchildren will also be paying for it.

I read the recent (April1/10) Guardian article on the forced relocations. I checked Google Maps to find the new settlements in Delft. All streets and townships in and around Delft are marked except a whole neighbourhood closest to the airport. This must be the relocation area.

May I suggest that you post some pictures on Google Maps/Google Earth? Google won’t label a TRA or informal settlement, but they can’t stop people posting photos and videos and even Wikipedia tags on their maps.

14 04 2010
Christian Engeli

Dear Anti-Eviction Campaign,
Today the Swiss Labour Assistance SLA just lauched the petition “Show the yellow card to FIFA’s Sepp Blatter: Petition against the violation of human rights at the FIFA World Cup”
Please place a link to the petition on your website. The petition will be handed over to FIFA-Boss Blatter in June 2010, just before the worldcup.
I would be happy to send you some more informations / banners etc

15 04 2010

Hi, My name is Kelsey and I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon. I am currently working on an article about the social and political impacts of the World Cup 2010 on the local residence and homeless for a US Magazine.

I would love to interview someone from the organization.

Could you please contact me at, or provide me with an email contact who would be willing to correspond via email.

Thank you.

19 04 2010


I am also interested in being able to talk to someone from your organization for research I am trying to gather on Blikkiesdorp. I am originally from Chicago and am currently a student at University of Cape Town, if you could please have someone email me back at that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the help

21 04 2010
Lindsey Harness

Is there an email address that interested parties can use to request specific information about the campaign? I see you have phone numbers, but I live in Milwaukee, WI so that does not seem feasible at the moment. I would appreciate any help with this matter.
Thank you.

24 04 2010
Zukie Mabuya

I want to know if there is any address we can use to request a specific thing. For example we do not have an active AEC members in Crossroads. Is there anyone we can ask and explain to ppl in Crossroads especially those who still live in informal settlements about their rights as people of South Africa and reminde them they have every right to demands and other things. If the organization can help that will be much appreciated.


22 05 2010


I am a french student in journalism and i am making a report on the world Cup 2010. I am working more particularly on the oppositions to this demonstration. I would want you ask some questions on this subject. Could you give me an e-mail address to send you my questions?



7 06 2010

Hi, my band CHOMSKY ALLSTARS have written a song called ‘The Beautiful Gain’, which is an alternative World Cup anthem dedicated to the people of Blikkiesdorp.

The promo video can be viewed at:

The full version of the track can be purchased from:
or the usual digital outlets, with some of the song’s proceeds being donated to South Africa’s anti-eviction campaigners.

One Love

9 06 2010
tawanda mudimu

My name is Tawanda Mudimu, from Investigative Africa, based in Johannesburg, i do stories for AP news agency, am currently doing a documentary on shack dwellers during the World Cup. I wonder if you could help me i want to get contact details of Bishop Rubin Phillip and his project, i want also to do a field visists on the shack sites and also have a feel of his project. May you kindly finish me with the details it might be helpful to further my documentary. The struggle for justice for the nation’s shack dwellers and his commitment to seeing those in suffering.

Thank you in Advance

14 06 2010
Odette Berg

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently researching for an article I plan to write to expose the forced evictions caused by South Africa hosting the world cup. I hope to have this published in the Financial Times Magazine.

I would greatly appreciate a quote from the Anti-Eviction Campaign organisation on the direct IMPACT of the current WORLD CUP on the EVICTION FROM TOWNSHIPS or further information/contact details for anyone that could provide a direct, accurate source of information.

I am passionate about bringing to life, via the media, any human suffering that has come about due to the world cup that does no have the exposure it deserves.

Any help towards my cause would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Odette Berg

23 06 2010
Tracey Adams

My name is Tracey Adams from Egoli Informal Settlement. Our community is urgently in need of your help. The land that we are living on is owned by two people. Me and my family have been living there for 11 years and others families is been living there for more than 20 years. We receievd our eviction papers on Friday 18-06-2010 from a eviction sheriff and he was assisted by police and the army. The community had no choice but to burn tyres so that they can’t enter and it was not a pretty site. This was not the first time it happened.

It was said in a meeting that we had, that they will give us until August 2010 to get our belongings and go. We are in a difficult situation because where are we going to , a lot people and children are involved.

We as the community are willing to fight as long as there is hope, but we need assistance from people who knows right from wrong. If there is anyone who can help please, our time is running out.

Kind Regards

24 06 2010
Edafe Okurume

My name is Edafe Okurume, I produce a radio show called Soul Rebel Radio on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, I’d like to do a telephone interview with a member of your organization as soon as possible and learn more about your activities and the Poor People’s Wold Cup, A 15-20 minute phone interview would be ideal Please let me know the best time to call you.

I can be reached at 001 818 415 1649

Warm regards,
Edafe Okurume

3 09 2010
Juhan Kuus

I am trying to subscribe to your most important news letter. I have rcvd the following. Please ad me to your list.

Kind rgds. Juhan Kuus. Photojournalist. Concerned humanities.

078 442 6013 (Cape Town)


6 09 2010
Sofia Jarrin

Dear Friends, Just to share the coverage we did about the Poor People´s World Cup in Spanish, for community radio stations all over Latin America. We were the first ones to interview you. :)

Sofía Jarrín

24 11 2010


11 12 2010
Leo Goldberg

My name is Leo Goldberg, I am a student at Columbia University in New York City studying informal settlements in the Cape Town area. Your organization is doing important work and I would love to learn more about your operations and goals. I will be traveling to Cape Town in January. Can I have someone’s email in the organization to contact about a possible meeting? You can reach me at


15 08 2011
Isaac & Eleanor

Good day. How are you doing? My wife, 5 year old daughter and I stay in a house we built – out of our pocket with our money with invocies to prove it – on my deceased sisters’ property. She passed away September 2010 and Absa Trust is the executors of the estate. We have a document (that was drawn up by my lawyer and signed by my sister) stating that we are entitled to stay on the property until the day we (all 3 of us) die. Absa Trust basically wants to auction off the peroperty and Carien have told us that we have no rights on the property. They are waiting for the Master of The High Court to ahead and evict us before the auction. They have all the documentation and we have put a claim – which they rejected – in against the estate for enrichment. My wife is diabetic and I now have cronic high blood pressure. It has also started to affect my 5 year old daughter negatively who have just gotten used to her creche and who we enroled in a school close to where we stay. What do we do and what is our recourse forward. We have a Legal Aid advisor who is not of that much help – they also do not want to hanlde the case as we joined aftermy sister passed away – the trouble however only started earlier this year and we gave them all the details before they started handling the case. Please help. If anyone can assist please contact me on 072 554 3308. Thank you.

1 03 2012
Mr F Z . Gwaza ( from Saacso)

Thank you dear country men and women who are involved in such countless battles with the Government of the people who have chosen to ignore our people’s ordeal to join the capitalist route . My message is ‘never ever give up’.

Thanx a million

27 05 2012
ikraam abrahams

Hi there we here in cape town ottery is fighting with the council not to evict people but we are not listen too. Please help us 0710779523

24 04 2013
eileen sauls

Hi I need advice urgent please can the landlord take me to small court for arrear rent but we agreed that I can pay it off now I must pay it in 14 days time I used to pay my rent regular its just this year that I struggle and I have a sick daughter and I’m not working can I tell you the story when you reply me on this please thank you

24 04 2013

Hi I rent this house since january 2011 I paid my rent regular end december 2012 I paid a R1000.00 then end january could not pay the landlord said its ok he wil take the security money that I paid when I moved in for end of january end of february I paid the full months rent end of march could not pay the full months rent the landlord came here 13 april 2013 at 22h00 break the lock of of the small gate enter the premises told my son they have other people for the house that want to move in and its advertised on the web the landlord send my daughter a email saying that they wil come the next day 14april 2013 if I’m at home or not they going to take off the gates doors and other stuff I send him a sms saying if he want us out he must give us notice and must not take the law in his hands and must follow the steps of the law he came here 23april 2013 with the police bringing me a summons from the small claims court that I must pay in 14 days money that I don’t have and its not the amount I owe him its more the police took his part telling me I’m stubborn and he can come here when he want because he is the owner I’m a single mother have 3 children 3 grandchildren the 2 are going to start now in a job my youngest daughter is 21 years and is a sick child hospital in and out also a heart problem she can’t be stressed or get upset now she is worried about this summons what do I do now please can you email me asap please I know asharaf and pam for years but can’t get through to their numbers I hope you wil answer me asap by email please.Thank you

9 05 2013
Fadia Van Witt

I am a single parent with 2 minor kids still attending school. I was just evicted on 30 April 2013, by the minister of public works, through a court order and need to vacate the premises by 30 June 2013. The reason for eviction is I am a unlawfull occupier. However there is another family also residing on the same premisses unlawfully and was not serve with an eviction notice. The head of home of the other family is a working man and no one can give me a reason why this family was not evicted

I had an attorney defending me in court but withdrawed from the matter when I asked them to appeal the matter so I can have more time to find myself and my kids affordable accommodation.

I went to different legal sources for advise how to go about appealing the eviction but was unsuccessful this far.

If there is any one willing to contact me to asssit me in this matter please call me at anytime of day or night.

Yours Sincerly
Fadia Van Witt
081-260 2843

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