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The world we are fighting for will evolve from the continuous struggle of liberated people” – Project South

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6 responses

14 02 2008
clare Anderson

To whom it may concern,

I am doing research for a documentary on housing evictions in Eastridge and the Mitchell’s plain areas. Documentary is being directed by Robyn Rorke (Ashraf should know her) and is called Shamiela’s house.

I am trying to find photographs showing evictions in Eastridge as well as other photos related to the Cape Town Community Housing Committee etc. I have been doing newspaper research but am not having much luck. Do you have any photographs showing these mentioned things?

Kind regards,
Clare Anderson
021 7825840

24 10 2008
Kevin McShannon

Dear friends,
I would like to suggest a book to add to the ‘Writings and Resources’ list. It is called ‘Progress and Poverty’ written by Henry George in San Francisco in 1879, and distributed by the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. The ISBN number is 0-911312-58-7. A comment on the book on the back cover reads: “No one should be allowed to speak above a whisper or write more than ten words on the general subject (economics) unless he has read and digested Progress and Poverty” I know AEC is concerned with immediate eviction issues, but this book explains like no other, how it has come about that so many people in the world are denied access to affordable land, without which no one can make a living. And it gives the solution, which in a nutshell is that public revenue should not be taken in the form of taxes on wages, (and these days Vat, which is the worst possible tax), but from a tax on the rental value of land.
May I also endorse Tunde Sangodairo’s suggestion of following an online couse on Land Rights and Land Value Capture, developed by The International Union For Land Value Taxation for the UN Habitat Global Land Tool Network. A website regarding this is at http://course.earthrights.net/
Kind Regards,
Kevin McShannon
082 784 8172

25 05 2009
Bonita Barendse

please support my blog and share your thoughts…

3 09 2009
Cristina Nativio

Dear AEC,
thank you for the job you are doing, not only to defend the poor but to keep the memory of what is going on.
I’m a college teacher in Italy and I’m going to discuss about South Africa with my students this year, but there is no news about you on the press, as you can imagine… only the world championship would force Italian journalists to provide some coverage. So thank you for the resources you published!
I’d like to greet my old friend Martin Legassick, whom I used to talk to, or rather listen to, when we both lived in London, and whom I’d like to talk to once again.
Cristina Nativio

8 10 2009
Josh Emerick

Hello AEC,

My name is Josh Emerick and I am a college student from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently taking a class entitled “Social Movements” and we have been learning about social movements, how they arrive, the concepts of mobilization, protest, and movement infrastructure. For my final project, I have to write and present on a current, contemporary social movement. After reading about your cause and the struggles that you endure, I was deeply moved and touched, and have research your movement and to promote your cause. Thank you for all you do for those who have lost the essential freedom of property.

19 04 2010
Lindsey Harness

I am intrigued by the Anti-Eviction Campaign. I am currently a second-year PhD Student trying to put together a project involving the rhetorical strategies of the campaign. I need a specific text to analyze. Would it be possible to get copies of the court proceedings/testimonies that were/are part of the AEC? I would be greatly appreciative. I think this is an extremely important movement toward social justice that needs to be studied.

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