MEC for Housing re-negs on 5 houses promise for Mandela Park Backyarders

7 05 2010
Mandela Park Backyarders Press Release
7 May 2010


Last year, the Western Cape MEC for Housing, lied to us over and over, eventually giving Mandela Park residents only 5 houses of the 437 houses that were built and promised to us in Mandela Park.

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Mandela Park 5 and My next Project – Letter to the Mayor

3 05 2010

Hi Cde’s

Today is marked the 8weeks since the decision to handover the remaining 5 houses to the Mandela Park 5 was taken by the Mandela Park Steering Commitee & the community at large.

The Mandela Park steering committee which include councilor Mkhutshwana had discussed the subject and as normal it was expected that its decision be forwarded to the HD (Housing Department) on time. 4 weeks later since the decision was taken the M.E.C for housing was spotted at the Look-Out-Hill in his address to a group of Khayelitsha back yard dwellers particulary from H-section, whereafter he met a serious confrontation by Mandela Park Back Yarders in relation to his next project in Mandela Park & Mandela Park 5.

The M.E.C told us he was not aware of the Mandela Park 5 as the matter was never brought forward to his office.
He further pledged he was planning to visit Mandela Park area in April at an unspecified date but definately in April. Today is the 29 April 2010 almost 5 weeks after he made this promise.

We regard his silence as not only a sign of ignorance but also proving his sentiments about Mandela Park area as a whole. Mandela Park is being taken for granted by all lumpen politicians who lack proper understanding of what democracy is about. They think democracy is about them telling us what to do and not the other way around, they think democracy is about us giving them respect without them giving it back to us. For so long we have been waiting for an IDP (Intergrated Development Stragegy) in our area to no avail.

As a resident in Mandela Park i wouldl like those closer to the MEC to remind him about Mandela Park once more.

I would like the MEC to understand that every action has its own reaction. In summery if you promise to marry your girlfriend tomorow you cant turnarround tomorow and say I will marry you when i like.



Hundreds protested yesterday in Mandela Park after assault by Chippa security guards. Demostrations to continue…

12 11 2009

Anti-Eviction Press Release
On behalf of Mandela Park
Thursday 12 November 2009

Click here for some photos of last night’s mass protest. For high resolution photos, email us using this link.

Yesterday morning, two Mandela Park residents were assaulted by four Chippa security guards at the instruction of the local SANCO chairperson.  The two residents along with 7 witnesses went to the police station to lay a charge against the guards.  As retribution, the local SANCO chairperson laid a counter charge of intimidation against one of the residents who he ordered to be assaulted – backyarder Khaya Xintolo.  Khaya was then arrested and kept in police custody for more than 11 hours even though the detective himself admitted that there was no case against Khaya. Read the rest of this entry »

Mandela Park Backyarders to march peacefully on Housing MEC at 9am this morning

10 11 2009
Press Alert for Mandela Park
Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hundreds of backyard dwellers living in Mandela Park will be marching this morning (11 Nov) at 9am in protest at the Housing MEC’s handover of houses without any local residents benifiting.

We are angry at continuing lies the the MEC has made towards our community.  We are angry that the MEC has publically refused to work with us or to allow us to benifit because he thinks that we are “hooligans”.  The MEC has no right to play favourites in housing allocation.  He has been mandated by South African citizens to serve all South Africans living in the Western Cape – not only the ones who kiss up to him.  He therefore has no right to exclude us backyard dwellers from benifiting from housing built in our own backyards!

Click here for background information on this issue.

For more information, contact:

Mabhuti at 082 9978 475
Loyiso at 073 7662 078
Sluja at 071 4331 101

Gateway sub-letting set to continue

25 09 2009

Housing MEC awaits report before action is taken against residents

September 21, 2009 Edition 2
Cape Argus

WESTERN Cape Housing MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela says he will know in the next month how many residents are sub-letting their government- subsidised N2 Gateway homes.

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Case of ‘Mandela Park 23’ thrown out of court proving police had no evidence to make arrest

22 09 2009

AEC Press Alert – For Immediate Release

The 23 Mandela Park activists who were arrested on Sunday were released Monday morning after it was found that there was no evidence to arrest them in the first place.  Loyiso, a community leader, wrote the following message thanking everyone who showed support and pressured government to release them.

See his message below.

Loyiso can be contacted for comment about his experience at 073 766 2078.  Other contacts are: Mabhuti at 082-997-8475 and Sluja at 071-433-1101

Hi Comrades once again.

As Mandela Park Back Yarders we would like to forward words of thanks to all those who took part in offering their equal support at Harare Police Station on Sunday evening and Monday morning.  I think it must be clear to all that if there is no equal sharing of goods there can be no equal sharing of power. So for me this equal sharing of goods is crucial to the definition of democracy. If democracy is the right to have a decent life, health, education, freedom and security, then i am a democrat. But i doubt if this really the case in our country when we are still leaving under conditions we once saw before 94.

After the last night live debate at Radio Zibonele FM we met with the ward councilor Mr. Mkhutswana in trying to find solution to the matter. So we dicided to meet up for briefing tonight again to share this with Back Yarders before taking any further decision.

The new development today is that the MEC Madikizela went back to the police station in Harare in his attempt to get us back into jail. These are desperate actions by the MEC to free himself from his controversial announcement that led to the outbreak of anger from Mandela Park Residents.

We are also prepared to fight until justice is served.

One love ma-comrades.

By Loyiso
073 766 2078

Joe Slovo Task Team to hold press conference at 16h30 today

24 08 2009
Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
on behalf of the residents of Joe Slovo

Monday 24 August, 2009

Today at 16h30, as the community of Joe Slovo, we will be holding a media briefing around the enumeration of the whole settlement of Joe Slovo.  We have done a detailed survey and we need to share this information with the public because we assert that we, as the community, can do development work ourselves.

This is our first step toward a people-centred development where the people of the community rather than bureaucratic government officials are in control.

The press conference will be held in Chris Hani Hall in the centre of Joe Slovo and community members will be in attendance as well.

We have invited government officials and the MEC Housing has confirmed his attendance for this press conference.

For more information and directions, contact Mzwanele Zulu 076-385-2369 and 082-670-2068

Abahlali Protest for the 13th of May at 10:00 am at Macassar Village

12 05 2009

Update on May 13: There is a heavy police presence and people are being intimidated. Mzonke Poni is on the scene. he can be contacted for minute to minute updates on the situation at 073 256 2036.

Abahlali on New Mayor for City of Cape Town and Housing MEC for the Western Cape:

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the western cape welcomes the appointment of Madikizela as the new housing MEC  of the western cape, while we welcome it but we are also clear as Abahlali that Madikizela will just be the face that represent MEC  for housing for the Western Cape and we believe that Zille will be the one that will make and take crucial decisions about housing crisis within the Western Cape and Madikizela is just there to implement those decision.

That is also the same with the City of Cape, Dan Plato who performed very bad while he was the head of service delivery for the city and now become the new mayor for the city is also not given the job by Zille because of competence but because he is one of Zille’s loyalist and he will be please to take orders from his madam and implement them. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Pavement dwellers refuse to move

20 03 2009
1/22/2009 12:03:36 PM
Source: Eyewitness News

“The people on Symphony Way list, they will scrutinise it and put it up against the database of the N-2 project and then, thirdly, they want to keep open communications”

The Anti-Eviction Campaign has vowed that pavement dwellers on Symphony Way in Delft will stay at the roadside until they are given houses.
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To MEC Whitey Jacobs: We will be heard!

12 03 2009

Hi, I live in Taiwan(zola square) in SITE _ C in Khayelitsha.

Ever since Site-C was there, there is no progress and our counsillors don’t care but we voted for them.  In Taiwan it is a Squatter camp area we were always been promised to be moved to another area. We were once told that we are not in a Khayelitsha map.

Can you Please ask the MEC for Housing Mr. Whitey Jacobs to Come and see the Conditions we live in.

My phone number is 0834967743.  Please help us.  I’m writing this on behalf of our residents.

With regards
Phumlani xosi