Case of ‘Mandela Park 23’ thrown out of court proving police had no evidence to make arrest

22 09 2009

AEC Press Alert – For Immediate Release

The 23 Mandela Park activists who were arrested on Sunday were released Monday morning after it was found that there was no evidence to arrest them in the first place.  Loyiso, a community leader, wrote the following message thanking everyone who showed support and pressured government to release them.

See his message below.

Loyiso can be contacted for comment about his experience at 073 766 2078.  Other contacts are: Mabhuti at 082-997-8475 and Sluja at 071-433-1101

Hi Comrades once again.

As Mandela Park Back Yarders we would like to forward words of thanks to all those who took part in offering their equal support at Harare Police Station on Sunday evening and Monday morning.  I think it must be clear to all that if there is no equal sharing of goods there can be no equal sharing of power. So for me this equal sharing of goods is crucial to the definition of democracy. If democracy is the right to have a decent life, health, education, freedom and security, then i am a democrat. But i doubt if this really the case in our country when we are still leaving under conditions we once saw before 94.

After the last night live debate at Radio Zibonele FM we met with the ward councilor Mr. Mkhutswana in trying to find solution to the matter. So we dicided to meet up for briefing tonight again to share this with Back Yarders before taking any further decision.

The new development today is that the MEC Madikizela went back to the police station in Harare in his attempt to get us back into jail. These are desperate actions by the MEC to free himself from his controversial announcement that led to the outbreak of anger from Mandela Park Residents.

We are also prepared to fight until justice is served.

One love ma-comrades.

By Loyiso
073 766 2078




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22 09 2009

Viva people of Mandelapark

This is welcome news and a small victory on the journey. We want to live well, there is no crime that, it is the essence of the struggle, this is about the right to live as human beings, because to live we have to live somewhere. Your struggle is inspiring hope in allsidesof the world and today we also celebrate your freedom from those stinking apartheid prison-dungeons and look forward to the day when we don’thave to live in concentrations camps.


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