Residents cry foul as houses fall apart

23 11 2010

22 Nov 2010 | Yazeed Kamaldien | Sowetan

RESIDENTS of the Newfields Village housing project in Hanover Park, Cape Town, want a building contractor who is hired by the government fired because it allegedly sold them shoddy homes.

Auditor-general Terrence Nombembe last week sent inspectors to the 2300 homes – built by the Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) – to look at their cracked walls, exposed electrical cables, damp and toilets that continuously break.

The AG’s inspectors would not comment to the media except to say that Nombembe would release a report to Parliament soon.

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Auditor General investigating Cape Town Community Housing Company

16 11 2010

Newfields Village Community Representative Committee
16 November 2010

Communities affected by the negligence and substandard housing built by Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) are happy to welcome inspectors from the Auditor General’s Cape Town office.

Mr Oberholzer and his team will be inspecting selected houses in the eight CTCHC built communities within the next few days.

Today’s visit included the Heideveld and Luyolloville CTCHC communities.

On Wednesday the 17th of November, the Auditor General will be visiting the CTCHC communities in Woodridge, Eastridge and Philippi.

Finally, on Thursday the 18th of November, they will visit the last CTCHC communities: Pylon, Railway and Newfields Village.

This is a partial audit of the communities. If the Auditor General finds evidence of negligence, corruption and substandard house building, they will conduct a full audit of all the houses in the CTCHC communities.

For more information on the history behind the CTCHC housing scandal, click here for previous press releases

For more information, contact Gary Hartzenberg (Newfields Village CRC) @ 072 392 5859

Cape Town Community Housing Finally meets its match!

26 05 2010

Five families in Newfields Village face their verdict for their evictions on the 10/06/2010 (on the day the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2010 will be held).


In 1994 President Nelson Mandela promised to build one million houses and accordingly the City of Cape Town and the National Housing Finance Company (NHFC) tried to make this dream a reality for the poorest of the poor by forming a Section 21 Company called Cape Town Community Housing Company. Eight years ago CTCHC started to build the worst houses in the history of our country with both latent and patent defects. Accordingly, the residents of the nine villages (Newfields Village, Hanover Park Phase 1, 2 and 3, Luyoloville, East Ridge, Woodridge, Manenberg (Tornado Victims) and Phillipi) went on a rental boycott, had marches to the Company, they occupied their administration office, they handed over numerous memorandums of demands and even occupied the administration building in Tijger Valley. The company changed directorship, because of bad management of fances and the pressure from the different communities. All that the community wants is to honour the original understanding and agreements made that they will get a subsidized houses and pay-off the balance over four years with affordable rental.

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Media: Delay in sentence for fraud attorney

1 11 2009

October 30, 2009 Edition 2
Jade Witten – Cape Argus

A FORMER attorney convicted of misappropriating R400 000 in trust money is to be sentenced in the Bellville Commercial Crimes Court next month. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Magistrate reprimands ex-lawyer facing 51 fraud charges

10 06 2009

Note: For more information on this case, contact Gary Hartzenberg at 072 3925859
Photo: INLSA

June 09, 2009 Edition 1
Lavern de Vries
Source: Cape Argus

THE TRIAL of a former attorney charged with defrauding hundreds of Cape Flats families of millions was due to get under way today, five years after he allegedly fled the country.

Carl John Botman appeared in the Bellville Commercial Crimes Court yesterday and was reprimanded by magistrate Amrith Shabilall for delaying the trial. Read the rest of this entry »

Trial of attorney who stole R2-million from poor residents of Cape Town low-cost housing villages

5 06 2009
Newfields Village Press Release on behalf of the 9 CTCHC villages
5 June 2009 – For immediate release

The trial of attorney Mr C. J. Botman will take place on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June, 2009 at Bellville Magistrates Court.

Mr Botman is being charged for steeling about R2-million from the residents of the 9 Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) villages. The lawyer had opened a trust account where residents paid their rent as they were boycotting rental payments to CTCHC. Somehow, Mr. Botman was able to swindle the money out of the trust fund and then flee the country.

Residents originally began boycotting CTCHC because the houses began to fall apart and the company began raising rents despite advertising low rents under R350. Mr. Botman stole the rent money from the same poor people who are now facing eviction for their rent boycott.

Over 1,000 families have been affected by the theft and residents of the 9 villages are organising a full bus for families who are testifying at the trial.

For more information, contact Gary Hartzenberg at 0723925859

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Eastridge community facing evictions despite ongoing negotiations with CTCHC

30 04 2009

Eastridge Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
30 April, 2009

A whole family (actually 6 families living in one home) residing at No.17 Emery Street in Eastridge “Smartie Town” in Mitchell’s Plain has been unfairly and unlawfully evicted. Now, at least 20 more families are slated to be evicted in Eastridge.

Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) evicted the families about two weeks ago. The family is currently living in a cupboard in front of their house and all their furniture and possessions have been destroyed by the rain. CTCHC is now fixing the house for someone else because it stands to make money off of the eviction. Read the rest of this entry »