Newfields CLO distances himself from CTCHC

2 02 2009

To: All Media:
From: Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign
Re: Shortcuts in Remedial Programme of Newfileds Village.  CLO distances himself and blames CTCHC.
Sunday, February 1, 2009

On 21 January, contractors for Newfields council homes refused to complete remedial work on our homes.  After last weeks progress meeting between the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) Gary Hartzenberg and Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC), it was established that MEC Whitey Jacobs had refused in August 2008 to fund repairs to our doors, frames, electricity connections, floors, ceilings and firewalls and that the MEC requested CTCHC treat these repairs as part of owners maintenance.  This contradicts what MEC Jacobs has put on record in meetings with representatives from the 9 CTCHC villages (Woodridge, Eastridge, Luyoloville, Railway, Philippi, Newfields, Mannenberg, Morgan’s Village and Royal Maitland).   CTCHC did not inform the residents or the CLO about the MEC’s refusal until last week – six months later.  The community of Newfields Village is extremely upset that they have been lied to and misinformed about the progress on fixing their homes.

Accordingly, the CLO, has forwarded a letter to the CTCHC which states that he is distancing himself from his duties as CLO for CTCHC because it is hiding relevant information from the community.  CTCHC is attempting to coopt the CLO into working against the interests of the community and the CLO has refused to do so even if it means that he may soon be fired.  Hartzenberg stated: “I will not be party to this.  I will not support CTCHC as they attempt to cut corners during the necessary remedial program on our homes.”

For more information contact Fuad and Gary at 072 392 5859

For the history of corruption and mismanagement by CTCHC, click here.




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3 02 2009

Good day i am a resident of Highlands Village in Mitchells Plain. The project is overseen by the notorious CTCHC. They undertook a project with regards to a new method of building namely Modadi concrete houses. We of the residents are seeking help with regards to this matter. They want us to pay occupational rent. The houses are still not on our names and its almost a year. Houses have been care drilled for testing. They want rent but they themselves know if the houses are safe.

Contact me on 0723946888

7 09 2009

Good day to you

My name is Henry , I am a first time home owner and I have bought one of the houses ERF: ***** in Highland Village Project, Weltevreden Valley
Mitchells Plain, a project launched by Cape Town community Housing – March 2006 and built with the Moladi-Yetho construction method so as to supply houses for the middle income group of people

I am in 1st phase and have been informed that 50 units, mine been one of them, has been frozen by the NHBRC due to problems found with the construction and various other irregularities with the Moladi-Yetho construction method.

There were about 20 people who were moved into the HOUSES towards the end of 2008 and began to pay occupational rent, and yet despite complaints still continued and are still paying occupational rent, I was one of the people whose house although fully built got frozen by the NHBRC before I had the chance to move in, I have spoken to Cape Town Community Housing, but get garbled information about changing erf numbers and shuffling people around in the project, they have also informed me that the builder is out of money and that they are not sure whats going to happen with the covering of the costs with regards to fixing or rebuilding the already built houses, my feeling is that Cape Town Community Housing or Government should cover any additional costs, the mere fact that it seems that no one monitored the building process during the construction process places the ball in their court, why should the middle income buyers, who like myself have eventually received the opportunity of owning a house have our dream ripped away by the incompetents of others.

If the prices or anything should change which may cause people to have to re-apply may cause some of them to lose their houses as they would not qualify or be able to afford the monthly bond repayments, the prices were already increased once and some people struggled, what gives them the right to increase the price again, the houses , transfers and bonds are all complete and waiting at the attorneys for peoples final signatures, if anything is changed then the entire process would have to begin again, how long would this take, I think over 3 years is long enough for a person to wait, me personally I would not qualify for another house and feel it is unjust for people of power just to crush peoples lives because they made a mistake, I am sure a lot of the buyers in this project have suffered hardships and deserve to reep the benefits now for the years of waiting.

Cape Town Community Housing has seemed to have lost sight of the original goal of providing a house for the middle income money earner, which was the goal of this project, I would appreciate any influence or involvement you could lend so as to facilitate the correcting and possibly getting this project back on track so that the home buyers may enjoy the benefits of home ownership as it was originally intended in this project.

yours sincerely

7 09 2009


11 08 2010
Rudy Kroneberg

Please give our land what originaly belong to us stop corruption we are not from zambawe

11 08 2010
Rudy Kroneberg

thier are all ignorering us becuase thier share holders in CTCHC contact rudy from Eastridge on 0825251210

11 08 2010
Rudy Kroneberg

I appplied for a house becuase need it i was long on the councils waiting list with a red card i grab the chance when they show us the sample houes in wood rich at that time we were promis to pay 250.00 a month i was unimployed at the time but i was casualing to pay my 250.00 amonth to get this that was promise now we been fighting with this this company CTCHC thier misleed us no one wants to take responsible for they mess thier where giving us i hope there is someoneout thre willing to help contact Rudy Kroneberg cell 0825251210 Goverment must ban this company,s give shelf help houses which you can builth the way you wants it

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