Re-Launching the Kennedy Road AbM Branch

2 09 2011

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement
2 September 2011

In September 2009 the Kennedy Road Development Committee, a structure that was
always subject to annual election with the right to recall ,and which was
working hand in hand with Abahlali baseMjondolo, was expelled from Kennedy Road
by armed members of the ANC. Willies Mchunu then imposed an ANC committee on
the community. He called this the ‘liberation’ of the settlement and said that
the elected structures were ‘illegitimate’ and that the unelected committee
imposed by armed force was ‘legitimate’. The committee imposed by Mchunu did
nothing for the community. Things went from bad to worse. The houses that the
ANC promised after the attack were never built. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Suspension of city leaders demanded – under glare of corruption

22 03 2011

Chris Makhaye and Mlungisi GumedeNewAge

About 300 shack dwellers marched to the Durban city centre yesterday demanding that eThekwini Mayor Obed Mlaba and city manager Michael Sutcliffe step aside pending a forensic investigation into reports of tender irregularities in the municipality.

Members of the Abahlali Basemjondolo, the shack dwellers movement, allege that both Sutcliffe and Mlaba or their families have been implicated in tender irregularities, so their continued presence in the municipality could jeopardise the investigation.

“We believe that the reason we are not getting houses is because Mlaba and Sutcliffe are only there to benefit themselves and their families.

“How can Mlaba lead an investigation when the city awarded tenders to companies owned by his own daughters?” said Abahlali’s general secretary, Bandile Mdlalose Read the rest of this entry »

DA MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela threatens to demolish more houses in Mandela Park

25 02 2011
Mandela Park Backyarders Press Release and Invite
25 February 2011

MEC for Human Settlement in the Western Cape is set to come and demolish more brick houses in Mandela Park between Monday and Tuesday next week.  The news were leaked to us by a supervisor on site after a secret meeting with the MEC that was to address the resuscitation of housing construction in Mandela Park.

We vow to stay away from work and protest during these two days in preparation of what we perceive as housing warfare between state and its community. Read the rest of this entry »

While Madikizela destroys 9 of our homes yesterday, he comes to rescue his political friend’s from charges of murder and assault

5 02 2011
5 February 2011
Mandela Park Backyarders Press Release

Yesterday, DA Branch Chairperson attempted to murder two Backyarders and DA Branch Secretary assaulted another Backyarder. Both DA members have had their charges white-washed and have now been released.

We have first-hand accounts by Backyarders, police, and independent witnesses showing political interference by DA heavyweights in cases of murder and assault by DA members.

See full story below: Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Mandela Park house chaos

29 11 2010
Monday November 29th 2010 – WestCapeNews

Beneficiaries of a Khayelitsha housing project have spoken out about alleged fraudulent sales and illegal occupations of their houses. The Mandela Park Housing Project 823 has been constructed in phases over the past eight years and is nearing its completion, but has been wracked by sporadic protests – often violent – by Mandela Park backyarders over the fact that beneficiaries are from Gugulethu informal settlements.West Cape News established this week that backyarders have illegally occupied about ten state-subsidised houses in the housing project since the beginning of the month, moving in as soon as, and sometimes before, the contractor completed them. Read the rest of this entry »

The mass protests continue tomorrow at Gugulethu Square Mall

30 11 2009

Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Press Release

Protest: March to Gugulethu Mall to protest corrupt and anti-local job application process
Time and date: 09h00 on 1 December 2009
Venue: Assembly at Kwezi Hall. March to front of Gugulethu Mall on NY1

Contacts: Malibongwe @ 074-639-9551, Nomvuyo @ 082-687-8533, Mncedisi @ 078-580-8646, Sipho @ 078-589-7000

Tomorrow, the Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign will again be protesting against the management of the new Gugulethu Square Mall. Despite efforts by the police to stop us from protesting citing 2010 events, the City of Cape Town has declared this to be a legal march.

When we marched two weeks ago, we handed over a memorandum to the manager of the Gugulethu Mall – Azania Landingwe. She told us that she would read the memorandum and respond within a week. However, to this day, we have received no response from the manager. Read the rest of this entry »

Corruption continues at the N2 Gateway Flats. Residents demand the closure of the HDA!

3 11 2009

N2 Gateway Flats Residents Committee Press Statement
3 November 2009

We are in a crisis here. The HDA replaced Thubelisha, but still, nothing has changed.

As far as crime is concerned there remains many problems. This includes fraudulent activities of staff members who used to work for Thubelisha Homes but are now reporting to the Housing Development Agency (HDA).

One of the problems is that the lights in the corridors outside of our units are being stolen. No response to this has came from the HDA.

Also, on the 9th of October, a resident named Thabo was hijacked at gunpoint at 23h55 in the evening in his own parking area. The hijackers even stole his closes leaving him naked. What surprised us as residents is that Thabo stays very close to the entrance gate in full view of the Flats’ security guards. But guards claim not to have seen the incident. Thabo was not helped by the security guards with the company saying that the HDA is only paying them for access control and not to keep the Flats safe.

As the committee of the N2 Gateway Flats, we approached the senior security guard, Mr. Nobhatyi (073 878 6461) but only to find out that he had already tried to contact the N2 Gateway residents committee. Mr Nobhatyi told us that Bongani Bhele, the HDA caretaker of the N2 Gateway flats, prevented him from meeting with the residents. We also have evidence that Bongani is involved in a number of fraudulent activities here and therefore is trying to prevent residents and the security guards from working together.

We know that the underpaid security guards are not at fault. It is the corrupt people from the HDA who are preventing the security from being accountable to the community.

We have also approached the Langa Police seeking for their intervention. But as you know, they are always short of staff. We could not get much help…or should I say we could not get any help at all.

We approached the HDA directly because of various crime, fraud and mismanagement related issues.

We complained to the HDA about Bongani selling N2 Flats. We complained about people from outside the community being allowed in to kick the doors in and occupy many of the vacant flats. When confronted, these people told us that Bongani Bhele and someone named Eric asked them to pay a security deposit upfront. They claimed that Bongani and Eric would then disappear with the money leaving them without a flat.

The committee has helped one particular lady to write up an affidavit regarding this issue at the local police station. We have copies of her statement to show to anyone who is interested.

The HDA responded to our complaints by saying that there was nothing they could do because they ‘did not have a mandate’ to intervene. But it is their own people who are causing these problems!

We then approached the Housing MEC who came to meet with us on the 25th of October. Mr. Figlan, a member of Parliament, accompanied him. But the meeting was not fruitful. He told us that “there is not much we can do. We are tied up as far as the N2 Gateway Pilot Project is concerned”.

Then on the 31st of October in the early morning, a boy aged 19 was stabbed to death outside his own home while the security guards slept on.

Why must residents die? Who is next?

Why doesn’t the government come talk to us so that we can come up with a solution to the problems that they have caused?

Why does the government always say their hands are tied when they are the ones who created the problems in the first place?

The residents of the N2 Gateway Flats are very angry because the government and the HDA have tried to avoid each and every problem with their housing project.

First it was the contractors cutting corners and issuing us with keys that opened everyone else’s flats.

Then it was other problems of substandard housing and fraud. The auditor general found these problems. SCOPA found these problems. Even the Geneva based COHRE found these problems.

Now people are being attacked and even killed because the government refuses to work with us and solve the problems that they caused.  The HDA is causing more problems and corruption. Its the same as Thubelisha Homes which preceded it. We didn’t need Thubelisha and we don’t need it the HDA.

Here is our call for government to finally intervene – meaningfully:

We, as the residents of the N2 Gateway Flats can manage our own community. We can create our own form of cooperative governance for our own community. And we can do it without corruption and mismanagement.

Contact the N2 Gateway Flats Committee for more information:

Luthando at 079 896 6126
Zongie at 082 438 9319
Nolundi at 073 229 2126

Some spaza shops are not small businesses, some are corrupt, oppressive, and promote crime

2 08 2009

Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Sunday, 2 August, 2009 – For immediate release

A few days ago, a well-off businessman named Abdul attempted to stab a member of the Newfields Village Anti-Eviction Campaign Community Representative Committee (CRC) when we went with other committee members to deliver a memorandum of understanding about Abdul’s corrupt and condemnable business practices in the Newfields Village community.

This is a sensitive issue, not because the community’s actions are in any way wrong or that Abdul’s practices are in any way acceptable, but because Abdul, a businessman who owns a large number of spaza shops in the Hanover Park area, also happens to be a Somalian. So we ask in advance that all journalists who would like to report on this issue, take care not to misrepresent the Newfields Village community.


Newfields Village, one of the public housing schemes controlled by the corrupt Cape Town Community Housing Company, is a tight-knit but poor community. Crime is relatively low in the area because, when residents moved in to the houses, they vowed to prevent any drug-lords, shebeens and gangs from entering the community. They have been able to do so because would-be crime bosses know the community is organised and know that they are not welcome. The Newfields Village community has vowed that if any unsavory or exploitative business enters the community (whether a drug house, a shebeen or a corrupt spaza shop), they will close it down. Read the rest of this entry »

Argus: Non-voters make their mark – chilling, shopping and partying

29 04 2009
Zara Nicholson
Excerpt  from Cape Argus April 25, 2009 Edition 1

In Cavendish Square a packed mall saw people shopping, dining out and heading for the movies.

Kyle van Eck, 21, was spending election day “chilling” with his mother and his girlfriend.

“The elections just didn’t interest me this year. There wasn’t anything in it for me,” Van Eck said.

“The last time I did vote because it was the first time I was eligible to and that gave me a sense of purpose. But things were just too hectic in politics this year.”

Branwine Mohan, 26, of Wynberg, said she had not voted because politics did not interest her.

“I just think it’s a whole lot of bull****. Everyone is corrupt.”

Saeed Davids, 26, of Pinelands, was enjoying his day with his friends after a night on the town and said he could not vote because his ID had been stolen.

“I couldn’t use my passport, and Home Affairs is a mess, so I didn’t even want to go there to get my ID. If I could have used my passport for voting, I would have.

“I have never voted before because I wasn’t interested, but this time I wanted to have my say because I am taking life more seriously,” Davids said.

Waheeb Semaar, 26, also of Pinelands, said, “I didn’t vote because there is no one to trust – and I’m not going to vote for someone I don’t believe in. People might see no mark on my thumb and tell me I shouldn’t complain – but just as it is my right to vote, I also have a right not to vote. I do care, but I just don’t trust any politician, or believe in any of them.”

Shamil Joseph, 27, of Mowbray, said, “I didn’t vote because I don’t know much about politics. There is also too much corruption going on, so I don’t know what to believe.”

Siyanda Eviction to Richmond Farm: 26 Families Left Homeless, Housing Misallocation and Reports of Corruption Continue

18 03 2009

SIYANDA – 17 March 2009 – At 5am on a rainy Tuesday, 50 Siyanda families in Siyanda Section C began to dismantle their shacks in compliance with a negotiated relocation order to the Richmond Farm transit camp. The Department of Transport and the eThekwini Municipality had sought their eviction to make way for the new MR577 freeway. People had agreed to go to new houses in the Khalula Project but then their houses were sold off corruptly. They were then told to go to the Richmond Farm Transit Camp (government shacks) with no garuantees of when, if ever, they would get houses. They refused this and rebelled. Eventually they went to court and they won in court – they won an investigation into the corruption, that various measures would be put in place to ensure judicial oversight over conditions in the camp and that no one would spend more than one year there before being given a formal house


The court order, issued by the Durban High Court last week, stated that all respondents in the case would be allocated transit camp structures. But 3 families cited in the case are now homeless. In South Africa it is a criminal offence to leave any person homeless in an eviction. In this case it is also contempt of court. Read the rest of this entry »