2nd week: We continue a call for Madikizela to step down as MEC for Human Settlements

19 04 2011

Tomorrow: 19th April 2011
Time: 10: am till 12:00
Place: Cape Town
Start point: Keizerngracht street, Cape Town (next to CPUT) (10: am)

Tomorrow the 19th April the call for Madikizela MEC for human settlement to step down as MEC continues, this follows a failure from him and his office to sign an undertaking that he will not ever again demolish people’s structure or evict people within the Western Cape province without any order from the court.

This call by Abahlali baseMjondolo follows number of illegal evictions and demolitions carried by the provincial human settlement department, led by Madikizela. Read the rest of this entry »

Civic action group threatens protests over evictions

13 04 2011

Madikizela is conveniently ignoring the fact that while a land occupation is illegal it is a minor civil offense (trespass) while his own actions, when he authorizes evictions without a court order, are a criminal offense.

Malungelo Booi – EWN

Civic action group Abahlali baseMjondolo on Thursday warned of rolling protests if government does not stop evictions and demolitions in the Western Cape.

The group says it wrote to Human Settlement MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela on Wednesday.

The organisation wants him to sign an undertaking within seven days that no structures will be destroyed, even if erected illegally on government land. Read the rest of this entry »

[Abahlali] Metro Police Have Left Motala Heights – one shack destroyed

22 01 2011

The Metro Police have left Motala Heights.

Between four to six Metro Police officers came from behind the library and attacked the home of Mr. Buthelezi. They came without warning and caught the community by surprise and were able to smash his home. However by the time they
started on the second home the community had rallied, under the leadership of James Pillay (Halala Qawe!), there was a commotion and the second home was saved. The Metro police were led by a man called Siven. They refused to say who
had ordered them to attack the community.
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Four evictions yesterday in Gugulethu with promises of more to come

29 09 2010
Gugulethu Backyarders Press Release
29 September 2010

The Gugulethu community experienced four major evictions yesterday and, according to the presiding Sheriff of the Court, there are many more evictions to come.

As of yesterday evening, three out of the four evictions have been reversed by community members with the support of anti-eviction activists. But the events are a wake up call to us – we need to unite and be on alert if we are going to be able to prevent further evictions in our neighbourhoods. Read the rest of this entry »

AbM: “A Quiet Coup” reviews attacks on AbM

2 06 2010

A Quiet Coup
South Africa’s largest social movement under attack

By Toussaint Losier
Originally published in Spanish at Desinformémonos
An earlier version of this article appeared in Left Turn Magazine

At roughly 11:30pm on September 26th, a group of 30 to 40 men – survivors are still unsure about the actual numbers –surrounded the community hall in Kennedy Road shack settlement in Durban, South Africa. Brandishing sticks, machetes, and automatic weapons and echoing the language of the state-sponsored internecine political conflict that tore through South Africa during the last years of apartheid, the mob launched an attack on a meeting of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) Youth League taking place inside the hall. In the melee that followed, over a dozen people were injured, with four people left dead and the attackers left in control of the hall.

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Solidarity: Residents of Soetwater being evicted without court order

14 04 2010
AEC Solidarity Press Release
14 April 2010 – For Immediate Release

The residents of Soetwater in Ocean View are currently being evicted by the City Police services.

The community did not get any proper notification of this eviction and there has been no court order. They are acting on orders from individuals and there has been no due-process.  This makes the eviction an illegal and a criminal act.

The community urgently needs your support as they are fighting against the eviction please phone Renal on 073 616 5683.

Media: Get a lawyer, evicted families told

31 01 2010

January 26, 2010 Edition 1
KOWTHAR SOLOMONS Staff Reporter – Cape Argus

SIXTEEN families evicted from the Blikkiesdorp relocation area for the illegal occupation of houses say they will have to sleep on the streets until they get a lawyer to argue their case in court.
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