[Abahlali] Metro Police Have Left Motala Heights – one shack destroyed

22 01 2011

The Metro Police have left Motala Heights.

Between four to six Metro Police officers came from behind the library and attacked the home of Mr. Buthelezi. They came without warning and caught the community by surprise and were able to smash his home. However by the time they
started on the second home the community had rallied, under the leadership of James Pillay (Halala Qawe!), there was a commotion and the second home was saved. The Metro police were led by a man called Siven. They refused to say who
had ordered them to attack the community.

The police said that they “don’t need a court to destroy illegal structures”. The police need to be educated about the law of this country. They also said that they will return tomorrow to speak to Shamitha Naidoo (who was out of Motala Heights when the police attacked) who they said is ‘selling off the land to squatters’. This is ridiculous. No one is selling land to squatters in
Motala. People squat because there is empty state owned land and they are homeless. We are housing ourselves on unused government land and we are not paying anyone for the right to house ourselves.

Every time that shack dwellers organise ourselves we are, poor as we are, accused of being ‘shack lords’ when we are not. Yet when people like Ricky Govender take up all the land, evict the poor and develop it for their own private profit they are seen as ‘business men’.

We will stand with Shamitha Naidoo tomorrow. She will not be alone. When the police come tomorrow we will tell them that we are all Shamitha Naidoo.




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10 12 2011

Can someone please tell me what is going on ..it’s too much information and sometime my action is done by someone I don’t know if relative has done a political action it with illegal they don’t have a political position at all what they done is lies and cheating the people believing they have legal position. Can reply for valid info. ghinna.1

10 12 2011

My correct email oh it doesn’t matter what address they take it and someone else be using it like theres. This what wrong with it too much power.ghinna.1

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