Trial of attorney who stole R2-million from poor residents of Cape Town low-cost housing villages

5 06 2009

Newfields Village Press Release on behalf of the 9 CTCHC villages
5 June 2009 – For immediate release

The trial of attorney Mr C. J. Botman will take place on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June, 2009 at Bellville Magistrates Court.

Mr Botman is being charged for steeling about R2-million from the residents of the 9 Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC) villages. The lawyer had opened a trust account where residents paid their rent as they were boycotting rental payments to CTCHC. Somehow, Mr. Botman was able to swindle the money out of the trust fund and then flee the country.

Residents originally began boycotting CTCHC because the houses began to fall apart and the company began raising rents despite advertising low rents under R350. Mr. Botman stole the rent money from the same poor people who are now facing eviction for their rent boycott.

Over 1,000 families have been affected by the theft and residents of the 9 villages are organising a full bus for families who are testifying at the trial.

For more information, contact Gary Hartzenberg at 0723925859

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30 10 2009
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[…] without consulting with representatives of our communties, accepted the final, final postonment of the case against C. J. Botman in order to accommodate the disgraced […]

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