No Justice for Gympie Street!

22 06 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
Monday 22 June 2009

On the 17th of June, the Cape High Court ruled in favour of Pastor Dennis Robertson, which means many people in Gympie Street are officially homeless. On the weekend only two families in Gympie Street were provided with alternative accommodation arranged by Councillor Shehaam Sims, most were not. This means most of the people that were evicted have not been provided with alternative accommodation, which is blatantly unconstitutional. 

Delegates from Gympie Residents Committee, who are part of the Woodstock Anti-Eviction Campaign, have been repeatedly trying to contact Councillor Sims about this violation of their Constitutional Right to suitable alternative accommodation. They have, however, been repeatedly turned away by Sims’ Personal Assistant Fadiela Richards. The question is, why are the Gympie Residents delegates being repeatedly turned away – is it Councillor Sims or Richards calling the shots? The sad reality is that people are being forced to live on the streets because bureaucrats are failing to do their jobs! The only thing that the people of Gympie Street have ever wanted is a decent roof over their head – which thanks to the State and Robertson they are being denied.

The delegates of the Gympie Residents Committee call on all comrades in the social movements and unions to please email Councillor Sims at so that we can at least get suitable alternative accommodation and our dignity back.

For more information contact Willy Heyn at 073 144 3619




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