Gympie residents in Cape High Court this evening to have an urgent application heard

29 05 2009

Woodstock AEC Press Release
29th of May, 2009

This evening, Gympie Street residents filed an urgent application at the Cape High Court.

The case was brought before Judge Maqubela in Court #7 and has now been postponed until Thursday 4th of June at 15h30.

As we have said before, the entire operation was done illegally and without consideration of the PIE Act. This is criminal.

Judge Maqubela proclaimed that he wants to be fair in this trail and was concerned about the lack of official papers authorising the sheriff of the court to enact the eviction.

On behalf of the residents, advocate Omar requested to know on what legal basis does the registrar of the court have the authority to evict people from their houses.

For more information, please contact Willy at 073 144 3619, Margarete at 072 642 7386, and Mr Omar (lawyer) at 082 492 5207

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