Gympie Street residents illegally evicted and now on the street in front of their homes

19 05 2009

Woodstock Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Tuesday, 19th May 2009

About 10 residents of Gympie Street were illegally evicted earlier today by the sheriff of the court even though residents won their most recent court case against slumlord Pastor Dennis Roberston.

This was a surprise eviction with no advanced notice. The sheriff of the court was unable to provide a valid eviction order and residents were only given an ‘attachment order’ of and outdated eviction notice. When residents asked why they were being evicted, the sheriff told them that it was because they allegedly failed to appear in court on the 29th of April (which is untrue, see this press release).

About 7 people are currently camped out on Main Road, Woodstock, on the corner of Gympie Street. While their children have been taken in by their neighbours, they have nowhere else to go and so will stay on the pavement protecting their funiture until their lawyer overturns the illegal eviction. Private security thugs are currently in the homes and have bricked up the door to prevent entry.

Tomorrow, Advocate Zehir Omar will bring an urgent high court application as the landlord is acting stealthily and unlawfully in evicting the Heyn and Petersen families.

For more information, please contact Willy at 073 144 3619, Margarete at 072 642 7386, and Mr Omar (lawyer) at 082 492 5207




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