This is not a game!

22 05 2009

Gympie St Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
Friday 22 May, 2009

Event: Gympie residents to meet with Shehaam Sims (Mayco Housing) at 09h00 today

This is not a game! People’s lives are at stake.

Yesterday, Gympie Street resident Lydia Portland passed away. She had a stroke even though she was only in her 50s. While she was not among the two families who were evicted earlier in the week, she was the head of one of the families slated to be illegally evicted next week.

As close friends of Lydia, we are very sad and many of us are wondering if stress from looming eviction might have lead to Lydia’s death.  While we will never know for sure, we assert once again: This is not a game!

While Pastor Dennis Robertson only cares about making a profit from the 2010 World Cup, gentrification is a death sentence for us. Everyday we stay in the pavement threatens our safety and our health. Everyday we are treated as temporary human beings, never with a permanent home, our kids schooling suffers. Every time we are threatened with forced removal to un-Happy Valley Transit Camp, we wonder if we will be able to find new jobs or keep the jobs we have in the CBD.

Evictions are not a game! This is not Monopoly! Does Pastor Robertson think he can build ‘houses’ and ‘hotels’ on our homelessness? Mr. Robertson, stop playing games with our livelihood!  Plato and Zille, stop promising to help when all you is support rich property developers!

Everyone needs a permanent home close to their family, close to decent schools and close to jobs.

The Heyn and Petersen families will continue to eat, sleep, and resist on the pavement until the illegal eviction order is reversed.

Power to the Poor People!

For comment, please contact Willy at 073 144 3619 and Margarete at 072 642 7386




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