Police Suppress LPM Youth March, But Our Frustrations Grow Stronger

31 03 2009

Press Release by the Landless People’s Movement

On the 26th March, the day before we, the LPM youth, were to have our march to demand that our councilor step down, the JMPD prohibited us.  The reasons the police gave for this were that we are violent and unruly and that they “know” us.  They referred to a march organised by the Gauteng LPM that happened in 2002 when we refused to leave Mbaziama Shilowa’s office.  This march, we explained, was not organised by the youth.   Regardless, they said they didn’t have the time and manpower to plan a safe and peaceful march and that if we carried out the march, they would be “hard” on us.  We took this to mean that they would arrest us over the weekend and also brutalise us by beating us and shooting us with rubber bullets.  The government will not meet with us, and now we believe they are even working with the police to suppress our right to express ourselves openly by marching.  There is a real problem in our democracy when the government and the police have time to suppress and brutalise us, but not to help us publicly express the demands that we feel will improve our futures.


The above picture shows the LPM youth in Protea South preparing for the march the day before they were told it was prohibited. Read the rest of this entry »


Media: Purgatory for the poor

31 03 2009

‘The other day, my [nine-year-old] daughter and her friend were coming back from school through the bushes and a man tried to rape them,’ says Neftal Ntuli (40)

“Luckily a car was going past and the driver brought them home. In broad daylight! It’s not safe there.”

Ntuli, his wife and three children form part of the first batch of families relocated by the eThekwini municipality from their informal shack settlement near Umlazi’s King Goodwill Zwelithini Stadium to a transit camp in peri-urban T-section. Read the rest of this entry »

Youth in Protea South to March without JMPD Permission

27 03 2009
Friday 27 March 2009
Press release on behalf of Protea South Landless People’s Movement

Demand that Councilor Step Down!

  • On 18 March youth organisers from the Protea South Landless People’s Movement (LPM) submitted written notification of their intent to march – to the Metro Centre to deliver a memorandum demanding that the local councilor step down –  to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).
  • On 26 March they were notified by JMPD that permission was not granted for them to march as their notification was allegedly only received that day, and that LPM Protea South marches are allegedly too violent.
  • Youth in Protea South feel that they cannot wait any longer to express their greivances, and have resolved to march to Metro Centre without official permission.
  • They are currently gathering at Peace-Makers Grounds, Protea South, from where they will proceed – at 10h00 today, Friday 27 March – to Metro Centre to deliver their memorandum.
  • All media are requested to come to witness and cover their march, and to discourage the police from resorting to excessive use of force and unwarranted repression of their constitutional right to freedom of expression and protest.

For more information contact:

Bongani, the LPM Youth Coordinator in Protea South, at: 071 043 2221

German Documentary featuring the AEC: ‘When the mountain meets its shadow’

27 03 2009

AbM-WC: Diarrhea kills increasing number of under 5’s

27 03 2009
Brenda Nkuna
Thursday, March 26, 2009
Source: West Cape News

The number of children under five dying of or being admitted to Western Cape hospitals for diarrhea increased for the last period in which figures are available, says the Western Cape Health Department.

Diarrhea claimed the lives of 149 children under five years old over the 2007/2008 period. This was out of 7,790 admissions to hospitals, said provincial health spokesperson Faiza Steyn. Read the rest of this entry »

Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Sees Through Local Government Divide and Rule Strategy

26 03 2009
4 MARCH 2009

The councillor in Protea South, an informal settlement in Soweto, has repeatedly stated that she is accountable to the ANC government and not to the community of Protea South. This has undermined the ability of the community to work closely with our councillor to meet our basic demands. It should be made clear that, whenever the community has a mass meeting, it is under the banner of the LPM who represents the majority of the people in Protea South. The community of Protea South has been living there for 20 years with no changes in living conditions.

The previous 2 councillors, who were elected to represent the people of Protea South in the new democratic South Africa, delivered nothing. Now that the current local councillor has also failed to bring any development whatsoever in the past 4 years, the LPM is demanding that the councillor step down and be replaced by a community representative that accounts to the people of Protea South instead of any political party. Read the rest of this entry »

Court settles sisters’ dispute with mall developers

26 03 2009
March 16, 2009 Edition 1
Karen Breytenbach
Source: Cape Times

THE Western Cape High Court has settled a long-running dispute between the developers of a shopping mall in Gugulethu and a small business that was evicted from the former Eyona Mall to make way for the new R300 million development.

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