Interview with Symphony Way about their new book

10 03 2011

** Special interview by 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne, Australia.  They interviewed the Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers on their new book: No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way

** Click link to download the interview which is in .m4a format *

Book synopsis:

Many outside South Africa imagine that after Mandela was freed and the ANC won free elections all was well. But the last two decades have led to increased poverty and inequality. Although a few black South Africans have become wealthy, for many the struggle against apartheid never ended because the ethos of apartheid continues to live.

Early in 2007 hundreds of families living in shacks in Cape Town were moved into houses they had been waiting for since the end of apartheid. But soon they were told that the move had been illegal and they were kicked out of their new homes. They built shacks next to the road opposite the housing project and hundreds organised themselves into the Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign, vowing to stay on the road until the government gave them permanent housing. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Media slam DA’s Majavu blacklisting

11 02 2011

For the DA a journalist that takes the lives of poor people seriously is automatically biased. They are now exposed their authoritarianism to the middle classes.

Media slam DA’s Majavu blacklisting

February 11 2011 at 11:13am
By Marianne Merten

The DA’s blacklisting of a Sowetan journalist sets a “problematic precedent”, says Jane Duncan, professor and chairwoman of the Media and Information Society at Rhodes University.

It was of concern if any political party that carried public power took a step to stem the flow of information in this way, she said on Thursday. Read the rest of this entry »

Solidarity: Abahlali to march tomorrow with or without eThekwini’s permission

21 03 2010

Our right to protest is not negotiable!

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Release
21 March 2010

We Will Meet Sutcliffe in Court at 13:00 today

Abahlali baseMjondolo has launched an urgent application in the Durban High Court to have the Durban City Manager Michael Sutcliffe interdicted against denying us the right to march through our own city to present our demands to our own City Hall.

It is a very sad fact that we have to spend Human Rights Day asking the courts to protect our basic rights from a repressive government. The historic protest in Sharpeville that is being commemorated across the country today was against the pass laws – laws that sought to keep African people out of the cities.Today we are going to court against Sutcliffe to stop him from denying us our right to access our city. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: ‘Delivery protests are our right’

23 10 2009

By Ella Smook
Metro Writer – IOL

Groups representing impoverished Cape Town communities have lashed out at President Jacob Zuma’s warning that the government will not tolerate violent service delivery protests, and the accompanying destruction of property.

Representatives of the Joe Slovo task team, the Landless People’s Movement and Abahlali baseMjondolo defended these protests, saying they were the only way to get the government to pay attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Police Suppress LPM Youth March, But Our Frustrations Grow Stronger

31 03 2009

Press Release by the Landless People’s Movement

On the 26th March, the day before we, the LPM youth, were to have our march to demand that our councilor step down, the JMPD prohibited us.  The reasons the police gave for this were that we are violent and unruly and that they “know” us.  They referred to a march organised by the Gauteng LPM that happened in 2002 when we refused to leave Mbaziama Shilowa’s office.  This march, we explained, was not organised by the youth.   Regardless, they said they didn’t have the time and manpower to plan a safe and peaceful march and that if we carried out the march, they would be “hard” on us.  We took this to mean that they would arrest us over the weekend and also brutalise us by beating us and shooting us with rubber bullets.  The government will not meet with us, and now we believe they are even working with the police to suppress our right to express ourselves openly by marching.  There is a real problem in our democracy when the government and the police have time to suppress and brutalise us, but not to help us publicly express the demands that we feel will improve our futures.


The above picture shows the LPM youth in Protea South preparing for the march the day before they were told it was prohibited. Read the rest of this entry »

Youth in Protea South to March without JMPD Permission

27 03 2009
Friday 27 March 2009
Press release on behalf of Protea South Landless People’s Movement

Demand that Councilor Step Down!

  • On 18 March youth organisers from the Protea South Landless People’s Movement (LPM) submitted written notification of their intent to march – to the Metro Centre to deliver a memorandum demanding that the local councilor step down –  to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD).
  • On 26 March they were notified by JMPD that permission was not granted for them to march as their notification was allegedly only received that day, and that LPM Protea South marches are allegedly too violent.
  • Youth in Protea South feel that they cannot wait any longer to express their greivances, and have resolved to march to Metro Centre without official permission.
  • They are currently gathering at Peace-Makers Grounds, Protea South, from where they will proceed – at 10h00 today, Friday 27 March – to Metro Centre to deliver their memorandum.
  • All media are requested to come to witness and cover their march, and to discourage the police from resorting to excessive use of force and unwarranted repression of their constitutional right to freedom of expression and protest.

For more information contact:

Bongani, the LPM Youth Coordinator in Protea South, at: 071 043 2221

AEC members tear gassed, beaten and arrested; residents lay blame on ANC

9 02 2009
Gugulethu AEC Press Update
Monday 9 February, 2009

Today, Mncedisi Twalo and Mbulelo Zuba appeared in Athlone Magistrate Court on charges relating to obstructing IEC voter registration.  They have now been released on 500 Rand bail and the case has been postponed until the 10th of March.  They have told us that they spent almost 24 hours without food and water – Gugulethu police seemed to be punishing the two leaders.

Unfortunately, we cannot quote the two activists due to the pending trial.  However, as residents, we would like make clear the following facts:

  1. The AEC and the IEC in Gugulethu were and are on amicable terms. We had negotiated with the IEC on the shared use of the Sports Complex and everything was peaceful.  IEC officials present at the complex will agree that residents did not obstruct any registration from taking place.  To confirm this, contact Pule (number below) and he will connect you with an IEC official who was present the entire time.
  2. ANC provincial chairperson Mcebisi Skwatsha and councillor Belinda Landingwe called the police and told them to attack residents during their meetings.  They also told police to arrest Mncedisi and Mbulelo.
  3. Police came and immediately attacked residents without warning. Thousands of residents were present, many were tear gassed, others were beaten (including a 9 year old child).
  4. Residents lost phones, IDs, purses and the AEC committee lost over 2,000 Rand which they had been collecting to buy T-shirts for residents.  We think that the money and items became spoils of war divided among police officers.

Residents are angry and claim that their right to freedom of expression, freedom to meet, and freedom not to vote, have been infringed upon.  They feel intimidated by the ANC and the police and they demand an investigation take place as to the ANC’s illegal actions against non-ANC residents in Gugulethu.

For more information, contact Pule at 073 6448 919 and Lenox at 073 4684 902.

For legal comment, contact Ashraf at 076 1861 408.

Previous day’s press statement below: Read the rest of this entry »