A message and poem of solidarity from Jacques Depelchin

23 03 2009

Thank you guys for doing something about the current times.  As they say:

It is in the air

It is is in the air to ignore babies
It is in the air not to help the weak and poor
It is in the air to rescue the banks, bankers
Especially if they are too big to fail
It is in the air to help the
the untouchable
the rabble
Let the sick babies die
It is in the air to let them die
It is in the air

Thank for resisting what is in the air

Take care, jd


Youth in Protea South Demand that Councillor Step Down

23 03 2009

Landless Peoples Movement Press Release

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) in Protea South is thankful for all the support that organisations and individuals have provided over the past week especially as we seek to revive the LPM across Gauteng and hopefully reunite it with the landless people in South Africa and around the world.  Your solidarity has given us strength and encouragement and we are as determined as ever to push forward the struggle of the poor in our battle against injustice.  No amount of threats by the government, the police or by individuals will stop us from fighting for our rights.

Currently, the youth in Protea South are organising a march on the 27th March to force our local councilor to step down.  Our councillor must be held accountable to the poor people in Protea South, not to those in power.  The pamphlet for the march is attached.  All are welcome, especially the press and anyone interested in our struggle, as we hope to publicise our demands.  As the LPM is currently in the process of reviving itself, it lacks the resources it needs to sustain its activities, particularly sound (loud hailers), transport, and material for banners (please contact the persons below if you can assist in any way).

We are confident that justice will be served:
“We Shall Overcome”

For more information contact:

Bongani, the Youth Coordinator in Protea South, at: 071 043 2221
Maureen at:  082 337 4514
or, Luke at: 079 144 4323

Rietvlei Community Protest March Against Violations of Land and Human Rights of the Masikane Family by Local Farmer and Police

23 03 2009
Rural Network Press Release
21 March 2009
Abahlali baseMjondolo & the Rural Network at the Reitvlei Protest – 21 March 2009

On March 21, 2009 the Human Rights Day, we the community of Rietvlei (black and white) and the Masikane family will march on our streets to protest against the:

1. Eviction of the Masikane family by a local farmer
2. Flagrant biasness of the Rietvlei Police Station against the Masikane family
3. Denial of justice by the Greytown Magistrate Court
4. Failure by the Department of Land Affairs to provide tenure security to the Maiskane family

The Masikane family has been living on Bright Water Farm for four generations. They lived in peace and harmony with all previous land owners until the de Gasperyz family bought the farm. The problems started about six years ago when Mr. Collin de Gasperyz started to embark on a campaign to evict the Masikane family who had been on living on that land for four generations. When the family resisted on the grounds that they belong to that land Mr. de Gasperyz started a campaign of constructive eviction which escalated to violence (for more information please see attached KZN Land Legal Cluster’s document). Read the rest of this entry »

SA election special: Shack life “terrifying and impossible” says shack dweller

23 03 2009
Mar 10, 2009
Brenda Nkuna
Source: West Cape News

A street in TR Section, Khayelitsha, where residents have protested over lack of service delivery. Photo: Brenda Nkuna/WCN“It’s like living in the apartheid era. We don’t exist,” said Nonthunzi Nodliwa, 46. Nodliwe lives in Khayelitsha’s TR Section, where disillusionment with service delivery runs high.

Last month a group of TR Section residents stormed an Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) registration station in Khayelitsha, damaging an IEC car and disrupting registration.

Three men charged with public violence in connection with the incident were granted bail in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on February 10.

Since then politicians and election officials say briefings have been held to address concerns over service delivery. Read the rest of this entry »