Gauteng MEC Mahlangu attacks Zim refugees and Bishop Verryn

16 03 2009

Note on articles: The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, Joe Slovo residents and residents of Symphony Way were accomodated by the Central Methodist Church when we travelled up to Joburg for Joe Slovo’s Constitutional Court case last year.  The church is an important resource for poor people everywhere including poor South Africans, foreign nationals and all other vulnerable peoples.

We condemn what Verryn is doing – Mahlangu
14 March 2009, 14:28
By Sheree Bega

Central Methodist Church Bishop Paul Verryn has decried as “absurd” a
statement by Gauteng’s local government MEC that he is endangering the
lives of thousands of Zimbabwean refugees seeking sanctuary at his

“I don’t think that in the midst of this gigantic crisis, where in
fact people have got to work together, that we can point fingers and
try to abdicate responsibility. I think it’s an absurdity,” Verryn
told the Saturday Star.
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Solidarity: Leader of Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Fears for her Life and Children

16 03 2009

12 March 2009

Maureen Mnisi, with comrades Kajola, Lekhtho & Maas – in Maureen’s home in the Protea South settlement, November 2008
Leader of Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Fears for her Life and Children: Calls for Solidarity and Advice from all Comrades

As a single mother of five and a prominent activist who has come under threat by the police, government and now even the middle-class in her own community, Maureen Msisi asks for solidarity and advice to give her more courage to push forward the struggle of the poor.  This is not the first time that Maureen’s life and family has been in danger because of her campaigns for the interests of poor people.  In 1995, Maureen formed the branch of the ANC in Protea South hoping it would bring about a change that would better our lives. But members of the local civic at the time felt that she was challenging their power and they responded violently by attacking her.  She was shot in the back and stabbed 3 times with a machete, breaking her leg and scarring her neck and hand.  Almost 15 years into our new democracy, she continues struggling for the same changes in the lives of her people in Protea South, but now under the banner of the LPM.  Today, she fears that if she continues on with the struggle, her life and her children’s futures will be in danger. Read the rest of this entry »