Letters from David to Goliath

21 11 2008
Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement
Friday 21 November, 2008

The battle continues. Gugulethu residents are continuing to oppose the R350-million Guguletu Square Mall.  We are in solidarity with all other South African’s who are being sidelined to make way for elitist projects such as the proposed AmaZulu World in Durban.

Claims a resident: “The local small business people in Gugs will taste none of this massive cake”.  And that is true: only 10% of the mall is even open to local Gugulethu business people who can afford it.  Over 70% of the mall has already been allocated to massive corporations such as Shoprite, Spar, Truworths, ABSA, FNB, PEP and Foschini.

In a battle pitting David against Goliath (see M&G article), David rarely wins when he or she fights alone.  Yet, we are not just one David, we are many.  We are the tens of thousands of Davids living in Gugulethu who will be adversely affected by this project.  We are those who fight and we are also those to to old, to young, to scared, or to despondent to fight.  Yet we know that if we bring enough of us out into the battle, we will be able to stand up to big business Goliaths such as Old Mutual, Mzoli Ngcawuzele, and even Tokyo Sexwale.

We have sent the following letters to big business in an attempt to be heard and with the expectation of meaningful consultation and dialogue:

For more information, please contact Mncedisi at 078-5808-646 and Speelman at 073-9825-725.


Media: David vs Goliath in Gugulethu

20 11 2008

For more, see AEC Press Release entitled “Letters from David to Goliath

PEARLIE JOUBERT – Nov 21 2008 05:00
Source: Mail & Guardian

David is squaring up to Goliath in the form of a small, petite butcher staring down developers of a R350-million mall in Gugulethu.

Construction work on this massive luxury shopping mall, called Gugulethu Square, in Gugs township is under threat because owners of a 25-year-old family business are refusing to make way for the mall.
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Media: Squaring up over a mall

9 11 2008

Mzoli’s Properties continues to prevent poor residents from participating in and benefiting from the new Guguletu Square Mall.  But residents are not backing down until they win concessions from big business!

*Click here for a video of the protest*

Squaring up over a Mall

City Press: Squaring up over a Mall

Media: Jobs spat on Gugulethu construction site

7 11 2008
By Nomangesi Mbiza
November 07 2008 at 02:42PM
Source: Cape Argus

About 100 residents of Gugulethu marched to the construction site of a new shopping mall on Thursday ment on the development.

They allege that Khayelitsha residents have been given jobs, while Gugulethu residents had been overlooked.

“We were told no-one from Gugulethu is working because we don’t have the necessary skills,” claimed Mncedisi Twalo, provincial chairperson of the Anti-Eviction Campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

Gugulethu AEC protest at construction site of new Gugs Mall

7 11 2008

The AEC continues to cry out for houses, land and jobs for the poor!

Down with Big Business! Down with party politics! Down with lack of consultation!

Unemployed residents protest outside construction site of Guguletu Square mall – pics by Anna Majavu

*For more photos of the protest, see the Sowetan Online*

*Click here for a video of the protest*

Developer gives in to work protest

07 November 2008
Source: Sowetan Online

A six-hour stand off yesterday between about 200 jobless people and Guguletu businessman Mzoli Ngcawuzele ended when he promised to give 24 of them jobs.

The unemployed Guguletu residents and Anti-Eviction Campaign members have been protesting at the construction site and Ngcawuzele’s restaurant Mzoli’s Place for months. They are demanding that Ngcawuzele employ 100 people from Guguletu on the building site.

“We will close this site if Mzoli does not explain why he cannot give us, the local people, work on this project which is supposed to be creating jobs in Guguletu,” Matthews Siyangaphi said.

Bulldozers were forced to stop work after protestors blockaded the road outside the construction site.

But after Ngcawuzele said 24 people would be given jobs today, the protestors dispersed to draw up a list of those first in line.

“We are happy that Mzoli says he will progressively employ more and more people as time goes by,” Mncedisi Twalo of the Anti-Eviction Campaign said.

“Let’s look forward together instead of looking at our differences” Twalo said.

Ngcawuzele confirmed to Sowetan that he had agreed to employ 24 Guguletu residents .

Mzoli helping ANC campaign through jobs at Gugs Mall

5 11 2008
Gugulethu AEC Press Statement
November 5, 2008

On Thursday November 6, 2008 at about 7:00am, Gugulethu residents will again protest the construction of the new Gugulethu Mall.

Local investor in the development, Mzoli Ngcawuzele, is giving local ANC ward councillors Andile Matshikiza and Belinda Landingwe the authority choose which residents will get jobs on the site.

We reject the politicisation of job meant for poor residents.  We will not allow ANC ward councillors to use the availability of jobs to campaign and by votes.  We will attempt to close down the mall on Thursday demanding that Mzoli increases the amount of local jobs being offered and puts the distribution of jobs outside the hands of the political parties.

For comment, call Mncedisi at 078 5808 646

Click here for other information on the Gugulethu Mall, Mzoli, and his attempts to intimidate residents

Media: Employ local people, say protesters

31 10 2008

Scores of protesters yesterday disrupted work at the construction site of the R350million “Guguletu Square” mall, demanding that the developers employ local residents.

The residents had earlier rejected a proposal by prominent local businessman and mall developer Mzoli Ngcawuzele that ANC ward councillors Andile Matshikiza and Belinda Landingwe choose the residents who will get jobs on the site.

Guguletu backyard dwellers leader Mcedisi Twalo said: “We don’t want interference by ward councilors and political parties in the job selection.”

Last week the local people marched on “Mzoli’s Place”, a restaurant owned by the same Ngcawuzele, calling on him to stop what they called “intimidation” against them.

This after Ngcawuzele had allegedly interrupted a community meeting and warned residents that former uMkhonto we Sizwe members were deployed at the development with security guards to prevent any form of protest that could delay construction.