Update on yesterday’s violent police attack on our community

30 10 2009
Gugulethu AEC Press Update
30 October 2009

Yesterday we reported that the police tried to illegally ban our mass protest against the new Gugulethu Square Mall. After failing to ban our protest, they shot at us even though we were peaceful and the media saw that we were peaceful. Since then, a few details have emerged:

  1. They brought in an entirely new police team on Thursday. From Monday through to Wednesday, Captain Brink and his team from the Gugulethu SAPS was accompanying us and protecting us during our march and peaceful protest against the mall. On Thursday, Captain Brink and his team was removed from working with us. Instead, a police team from Bellville South was brought in. These police officers were aggressive from the very beginning. They refused to talk to us. They refused to work with us. Instead the worked against us.
  2. When we left the mall site at that morning after staging our protest, the police followed us. As we were crossing NY1 main road, they ordered us to disperse or they will shoot. Instead, we staged a civil disobediance sit-in on NY1. We sat right down on the road and continued our peaceful protest. Police immediately opened fire on us in full view of other journalists. Many people were shot with rubber bullets including many women and older people. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Residents demand lion’s share of jobs at mall

28 10 2009

October 27, 2009 Edition 2

GUGULETHU residents protesting outside the new Gugulethu Square Mall, demanded that they be given 80 percent of the jobs available there when it opens on Thursday.

The Anti-Eviction Campaign led a protest march at the new mall yesterday, alleging that corruption, bribery and nepotism had taken place in its tender and job-creation process.
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Media: Outcry as developer bulldozes butchery

3 09 2009
By Natasha Prince
3 September 2009, 15:42 – Cape Times

Police were called in to monitor the demolition and eviction of a butchery next to an Nyanga development, after local residents rallied at the gates demanding that the authorities leave.

Police cordoned off the entrance to the gate, while angry residents watched and shouted as bulldozers and trucks removed fridges and equipment, then tore down part of the Skhoma Butchery. Read the rest of this entry »