Mzonke Poni is under arrest and is currently being assaulted in the Macassar Village Police Station

1 06 2009

Emergency Update (18h15 on 1 June):

Mzonke Poni has been charged with public violence and will appear in court on Tuesday with the mother of the 1 year old baby. We would like to thank everyone who called in for helping prevent further assaults and beatings.

Emergency Update (17h15 on 1 June):

1. mzonke sent an sms moments ago to say that a women has also been arrested and that she has a one year old baby.
2. immediately after that mzonke’s phone was taken from him while he was on the line to david ntseng of the church land programme.

its time to face up to the fact that in cape town the local state is habitually violent and criminal. moreover when the courts extend some protection to the poor that are also treated with utter contempt Read the rest of this entry »