Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Conference on Friday 19 March 2010

17 03 2010

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement
Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Venue: St Paul’s Church, 161 Pine Street, Durban 031-305 466
Date: Friday 19 March 2010
Time: 10h00 a.m.

There is a deep corruption at the top of our society and a deep anger at the bottom of our society. As the dirty deeds of the tenderpreneurs are being dragged into the light by the media and as the police become ever more violent the poor are taking to the streets across the country in ever greater numbers. We continue to believe that the only way for this country to heal itself is for the poor to organise the poor so that we can increase our power and decrease that of the politicians, the rich and their civil society. Since the attack on our movement in September last year we have expanded into eight new areas despite ongoing repression and harassment. Now is the time to unite all our branches, the old areas and the new, to defy the ongoing campaign of repression, and to take our demands to the streets of our city.
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Grahamstown UPM to picket opening of Parliament on Zuma’s 500 000 jobs

11 02 2010

Press statement for immediate release

The Grahamstown Unemployed People’s Movement (UPM) is to hold a demonstration in Cape Town to coincide with President Jacob Zuma’s opening of Parliament tomorrow evening. The purpose of the demonstration is to highlight the plight of the unemployed in the town, and to protest against the fact that Zuma has not delivered on his promise of 500 000 jobs within six months of taking office. His failure to do so has been confirmed by Statistics South Africa (SSA). In fact, SSA has showed that in the fourth quarter of 2009, jobs were lost. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: ‘Delivery protests are our right’

23 10 2009

By Ella Smook
Metro Writer – IOL

Groups representing impoverished Cape Town communities have lashed out at President Jacob Zuma’s warning that the government will not tolerate violent service delivery protests, and the accompanying destruction of property.

Representatives of the Joe Slovo task team, the Landless People’s Movement and Abahlali baseMjondolo defended these protests, saying they were the only way to get the government to pay attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Media: Fund set up after Durban attack

1 10 2009

2009/09/30 06:22:27 AM – Business Day

THE Anglican Bishop of Natal, Bishop Rubin Phillip, said yesterday his church had set up a relief fund for victims of Durban’s Kennedy Road informal settlement attack, which saw three people killed, scores injured and many more displaced. Read the rest of this entry »

Unrest in South African shanty towns – ready to host the World Cup?

24 07 2009
23/07/2009 / SOUTH AFRICA – The Observer

Protests over living conditions in South African shanty towns turned violent on Wednesday when discontented slum dwellers around the country clashed with police forces. Similar outbursts last year resulted in over 70 deaths when rioters also targeted foreigners from neighbouring countries; a cause for concern for the hundreds of thousands of World Cup fans planning to travel to the country in a year’s time.
090723 shant T.jpg

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Opinion: Burning message to the state in the fire of poor’s rebellion

23 07 2009

Richard Pithouse – BusinessDay
Published: 2009/07/23 06:30:32 AM

DU NOON, Diepsloot, Dinokana, Khayelitsha, KwaZakhele, Masiphumelele, Lindelani, Piet Retief and Samora Machel. We are back, after a brief lull during the election, to road blockades, burnt-out police cars and the whole sorry mess of tear gas, stun grenades and mass arrests. Already this month, a girl has been shot in the head in KwaZakhele, three men have been shot dead in Piet Retief, and a man from Khayelitsha is in a critical condition. Read the rest of this entry »