Media – Sekwenele: It’s enough

30 09 2011

By Timothy Gabb – Activate Online

Revolutions do not spring out of the blue.  Revolutions are organised through the united action of men and women, rural and urban, which spring from their needs.  Revolutions happen when ordinary men and women begin to discuss their own lives and their own futures and to take action to take control of their own lives. – Ayanda Kota, UPM Read the rest of this entry »


Solidarity: The Rebellion of the Poor Comes to Grahamstown

14 02 2011
Press Statement by the Unemployed People’s Movement, Grahamstown
Sunday 13 February 2011

The rebellion of the poor has been spreading from town to town, from squatter camp to squatter camp, since 2004. Last week it arrived in Grahamstown.

There is no third force, political party or communist academic behind our struggle. It is oppression at the hands of the African National Congress that has driven us into the rebellion of the poor. We are in rebellion because we are being forced to live without dignity, safety or hope.

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