Blackwash will be joining the PPA tomorrow in the Soweto march….

16 06 2009

Dear young black person,

Black youth living in South Africa today is in deep trouble. Even though we were promised a better life after 1994 by our black government, many of us still live in squatter camps and small RDP houses because white people still own more than 80% of South African land which has been stolen over the last 300 years. As young black people we have to ask ourselves what is stopping our government from improving our lives and is there a future for us if black people do not have land. Will black people not be trapped in squatter camps and townships forever if our government refuses to take our land back from whites? Read the rest of this entry »


AbM: June 16th Commemoration to be Held at the Macassar Village Occupation

15 06 2009

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape Press Statement
15 June 2009

Every year since 2005 Abahlali baseMjondolo has de-celebrated Freedom Day by holding UnFreedom Day in Durban. Now that tradition will continue in Cape Town and Johannesburg as the Poor People’s Alliance organises to begin the process of taking back our history of struggle from the politicians. This history belongs to the people and tomorrow the Poor People’s Alliance will be retracing the route of the 1976 June 16th protest in Soweto, Johannesburg. Here in Cape Town we have been focussing on mobilising other communities to support the Macassar Village Occupation. During these meetings we have discussed what would should do to take forward the programme of the Poor People’s Alliance on June 16th. Read the rest of this entry »

Landless People’s Movement to March on June 16th to Repoliticise the Meaning of the 1976 Uprisings

27 05 2009

Landless People’s Movement Press Statement
27 May 2009

The Landless People’s Movement in Gauteng will march from the Maurice Issacs High School to the Hector Peterson Museum in Soweto on the 16th June 2009 to repoliticise the meaning of the 1976 Soweto Uprisings.

We, as the Landless People’s Movement, met with different social movements in Gauteng on 18 May 2009. Decisions were taken that the march should be done as a coalition, under the banner of the Poor People’s Alliance. We took this decision as we are trying not to own this march as the LPM. We are trying to revive the history of 1976. As part of this we will be holding workshops with the youth communities in Soweto.
For more information contact:

Bongani Xezwi – youth Coordinator LPM Protea South Branch – 071 043 2221
Maureen Msisi – LPM Gauteng Chairperson – 082 337 4514
Or by email:

For more information on this march, see our previous press release (below):