Media: Backyard dwellers mount own protest

7 09 2011

September 7 2011 at 12:29pm – Cape Times

ct backyard Dwellers_4314 (18959132) (18969935)The backyarders, led by the Abahlali baseMjondolo movement, wanted mayor Patricia de Lille to address them. Photo: Neil Baynes

Mzoxolo Budaza

WHILE Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille addressed a meeting with backyarder representatives at the Civic Centre, Abahlali baseMjondolo were protesting in Khayelitsha.

“Those who attended that meeting (at the Civic Centre) are the friends of the city. The suffering people are here with us,” Abahlali spokesman Mzonke Poni said.

Early yesterday De Lille had moved her scheduled meeting with the backyarders from Oliver Tambo Hall to the Civic Centre after Abahlali threatened to force her to allow all concerned inside the hall. Read the rest of this entry »


IOL: De Lille dodges backyarders meeting

6 09 2011

06 Sep 2011 – IOL

De Lille dodges backyarders meeting

Landless peoples’ group Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) has accused Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille of running away from a meeting with “backyarders” in Khayelitsha on Tuesday.

The group said it had mobilised the “backyarders” in the township, and many were excited to meet De Lille.

The City of Cape Town however cancelled the meeting at the last minute out of fear for De Lille’s safety.

“People gathered outside the AbM office in Khayelitsha this morning,” the group said in a statement. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayor De Lille runs away from meeting with Cape Town’s backyarders!

6 09 2011

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape Press Statement
6 September 2011

Mayor De Lille Unwilling to Meet Backyarders on our own Terms

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape mobilised backyarders from Delft, Gugulethu, Mandela Park, Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha in advance of the meeting that Mayor Patricia de Lille had scheduled with backyarders in Khayelitsha today.

We made it clear that we do not consider public events stage managed by the City at which each organisation can only send three representatives to be genuine participatory democracy. We are committed to participatory democracy, to the co-planning of open assemblies at which participatory budgeting and urban planning can be taken forward. The logic of representation at meetings organised in a top down way is the logic of civil society. It is not the logic of popular democracy. Read the rest of this entry »

Re-Launching the Kennedy Road AbM Branch

2 09 2011

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement
2 September 2011

In September 2009 the Kennedy Road Development Committee, a structure that was
always subject to annual election with the right to recall ,and which was
working hand in hand with Abahlali baseMjondolo, was expelled from Kennedy Road
by armed members of the ANC. Willies Mchunu then imposed an ANC committee on
the community. He called this the ‘liberation’ of the settlement and said that
the elected structures were ‘illegitimate’ and that the unelected committee
imposed by armed force was ‘legitimate’. The committee imposed by Mchunu did
nothing for the community. Things went from bad to worse. The houses that the
ANC promised after the attack were never built. Read the rest of this entry »

Kennedy Road 12 taste freedom

29 07 2011

NIREN TOLSI – Jul 29 2011 13:58 – Mail and Guardian

Outside the Durban magistrate’s court last week members of the “Kennedy Road 12” 12 members of Abahlali baseMjondolo, a shackdwellers movement based in Durban — stood blinking in the sunlight, almost un­able to believe their fate.

“I’m just too happy. I can’t believe I am outside again,” said 24-year-old Sibulelo Mambi, one of them.

An hour earlier, a nightmare that had begun almost two years ago for the 12 finally ended when magistrate Sharon Marks acquitted them of charges ranging from murder to public violence. Read the rest of this entry »

We march today in defiance of the City of Cape Town!

27 07 2011
27 July 2011
Press Release by the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign

With or without the permit from the city, today, we will be marching first to the High Court and then to the offices of the City of Cape Town. In terms of the Gatherings Act, when we want to march, the law says we must notify the city and SAPS within 7 days. The law further suggests that if the city refuses to grant a permit they need to provide us with written reasons after meeting in person with the organisers of the march. The City has not fulfilled its legal obligations and therefore the march is 100% legal.

We are going to stick to the law and go ahead with our legal march as planned. It is up to the city if they want to make sure the relevant authorities are present during our march. Our march will be organised, peaceful and dignified. We expect the same from the authorities.

Time of gathering: 9am
Time at the Cape High Court: 10am
When court is over, we will go to the City’s offices

Read the rest of this entry »

The Kennedy Road Development Committee, the Kennedy 12 and other Displacees Return to the Kennedy Road Settlement

26 07 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011
Abahlali Press Statement

Our acquittal in court without freedom to return to resetting our feet in Kennedy Road would be pointless.

The ruins of Mondli Mbiko’s home in Kennedy Road

After two and half year the Kennedy Road Development Committee, members of the Kennedy 12 and their relatives, as well as some members of AbM, went to Kennedy Road on Sunday to check on their homes and sites that they were residing on when our movement was attacked. We were about a hundred people. Read the rest of this entry »