10 days left for a US/UK book tour to fix the publishing industry

29 08 2011

To all supporters of the Symphony Way and Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign,

We cannot humanise our world through a vanguard media. The right to a voice cannot be held only by elite academics, authors and politicians. To fix the publishing industry, we must turn freedom of speech on its head. This is why the first ever pavement dweller book tour of Europe and North America is so necessary. On behalf of the Symphony Way community, we ask you to help us bring our new anthology, No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way, to the world!
If we can raise the $6,830 (usd) needed for the plane tickets, we plan to visit universities, bookstores, organisations and movements the following cities:

London / Oxford
New York / Boston
Philadelphia / Washington DC
Chicago / Milwaukee
San Francisco / Los Angeles
Ottawa / Toronto


In order to make this happen, however, we need to raise an additional $5,666 within the next 10 days before our campaign ends.

If you believe in the importance of providing a platform for authentic voices from below, this is your chance to make sure these voices get heard. Please contribute to our campaign and you will receive free copies of the book, DVDs, signed copies by Raj Patel, and even a specially arranged visit to the city of your choice by the authors.

But please contribute here now before we run out of time!

Thanks for your support. Aluta continua!

The Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers
Contact: symphony@antieviction.org.za or 0845930255

To bring the book tour to your city, contact jaredsacks@gmail.com




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