Municipal Security and Shack Dwellers Clash in the Kennedy Road Settlement this Morning Attempt at Armed De-electrification Successfully Resisted

3 07 2011

Sunday 3 July 2011
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

This morning Municipal Security Guards arrived at the Kennedy Road shack settlement and began disconnecting people from electricity. The community had previously negotiated an understanding with the Municipality that they would not send their security guards into the settlement to disconnect. However this morning this agreement was violated and the people resisted the disconnections. There was a confrontation,rubber bullets were fired and stones were thrown. A young man was shot in the chin with a rubber bullet at close range. A road blockade was then organised following which both the SAPS and the Metro Police arrived on the scene. But the attempt to disconnect people from electricity was successfully resisted.

The new ward councillor also arrived on the scene. He told the people that he would tell the Municipality not to disconnect anybody at Kennedy Road from electricity and that those that had been disconnected should reconnect. He blamed the Municipality for the confrontation this morning and said that the Municipality must now move swiftly to electrify all the shacks in the settlement.

The Kennedy Road comrades, and Abahlali baseMjondolo in general, have been struggling for electricity for many years. Before each election promises are made and after each election the security guards and police come to disconnect the people. The struggle for electricity for all continues.

For further comment and information please contact:
Mnikelo Ndabankulu, Abahlali baseMjondolo Spokesperson: 081 309 5485
Mr. Sibiya, Kennedy Road Development Committee: 082 255 1213




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