VOC: Locals recall Nakba

19 05 2011

2011-05-15 08:52:53 – Voice of the Cape

As pro-Palestinians on Sunday remembered the catastrophe which led to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians being evicted from their homeland on 15 May 1948, locally, the Workers International Vanguard League (WIVL) and the Newfields Village Anti Eviction Campaign joined their ranks. Their commemoration is set to take place on Sunday at 3pm in Newfields Village at the netball pitch.

On the same day 63 years ago Palestinians were forcibly expelled by Israeli Zionist forces. “Hundreds of Palestinian villages were destroyed. Today the Palestinian refugees number 6 million and the UN and other imperialists do everything they can to prevent their return home,” said spokesperson Shaheed Mohamed.

The commemoration of the Nakba this year has seen thousands of Egyptians and Palestinians marching to the Rafah border to tear it down. At the same time, a call has been made for the start of the 3rd Palestinian Intifada on this day to open the door for refugees to return of their homeland.

According to Mohamed, it was a call many in South Africa could sympathise with. “Today in South Africa, all the capitalist political parties deny the right of the masses to return to the places they were expelled from, such as District 6 while the vast majority of the best land remains in the hands of the capitalist monopolies. Evictions continue today unabated. The department of housing is designed to build few houses to maintain the scarcity and desperation for housng so the banks benefit from raising housing prices to 400 times their real value,” he charged.

“In Newfields Village the community stands under the sprectre of eviction by the city council due to alleged arrears for rent and services.   The community unites today against the capitalists and their parties and recommits itself to fight evictions, to fight for the return of all 6 million Palestinian refugees to their original land. Decent houses for all, no to evictions, let us unite like the masses in Egypt,” the group urged. VOC




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21 05 2011
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