Media: Somali shopkeeper murdered

17 05 2011

2011-04-18 05:46:02 – Voice of the Cape

Following shortly after the assault on a Somali shopkeeper in Delft, a 25-year old Somali shopkeeper was gunned down by robbers inside his shop in Khalyitsha. According to a relative of the deceased, Muhammad Abdullah, (seen here) two robbers stormed into a tuck shop owned by his cousin, Aweis Muhammad Mwalin, and shot him dead.

“I came to visit my cousin when the robbers struck. They shot me on the head, but I did not die,” Abdullah told VOC at the weekend. He said he was helping his cousin to count stock inside the shop at about 9:30 pm on Thursday night, when the thugs broke the door of the shop and got inside.

“As soon as the robbers entered the shop, they demanded that my cousin gives them money. When he said he did not have money in the shop, he was shot twice in the head. Then they shot me in the head. Luckily I survived.” However, his cousin was not so lucky. He was laid to rest on Friday at the Athlone makbaray.

Police in Khayelitsha confirmed the incident to VOC in a telephone interview. “We are investigating the murder of Mwalin and we hope that we shall soon arrest whoever was involved,” a police officer stated. This month several Somali owned shops have been attacked in the Cape flats area.
On Thursday Ahmed Abu-Bakr, a 25 year old Somali shopkeeper in Delft was attacked and stabbed four times in the back. Currently Somali shop keepers operating in the Cape flats area are living in fear of being attacked. The latest attacks comes after notorious bad blood between rural community traders and the Somali businessmen, which gave rise to the wave of xenophobia two years ago. The local traders accuse the Somali investors of stealing their businesses by selling commodities at lower prices.

In the past, many Somali owned businesses were forcefully closed in some townships in the Western Cape. But the anti Eviction Campaign (AEC), a community group working against the forceful eviction of foreign traders in townships, helped the Somali’s to re-open their shops. According to the Somali Community Board of South Africa (SCOB), over 700 Somali’s are reported to have been killed country wide since 2002. VOC (Hassan Isilow)




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