Backyarders hold Anti-Vote Summit in Mandela Park in challenge to politicians courting their vote

5 05 2011

Venue: Andile Nhose in Mandela Park
Date: 14 May
Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

The Mandela Park backyarders would like to invite you to an Anti-Vote Election Summit that will take place at Andile Nhose on the 14 May 2011 from 09:00am until 12:30pm.

The summit objective is to expose the housing crisis in Mandela Park that is leading to a serious attack and violation of people’s dignity. We challenge all political parties (all of whom have ignored us or attacked us) to explain why they think we should vote on the 18th of May.

– In Mandela Park, the City is still cutting our water and installing anti-poor pre-paid water meters. The City seems to have no intention to meet with the community to resolve this issue

– In Mandela Park, even though people qualify for housing subsidies from the state to settle their bills, there are still banks that ignore this and prevent us from using our subisidies. In the name of profit, they evict us instead of trying to negotiate a solution with residents.

– In Mandela Park, there still houses built in 2006 with no electricity. Phambili Nombane which is a subsidiary of Eskom refuses to electrify our houses. They are claiming that the developers did not pay for installation of electricity and therefore people should pay for themselves in order to get installation. This contradicts the housing code and is an illegal refusal of service delivery by Eskom.

We will have testimonies of victims of the above circumstances telling their painful suffering at the hands of our government and how this has affected their lives. We will then discuss why these circumstances have led the people of Mandela Park not to vote in upcoming local government elections.

We invite all government officials, bank officials, and media to come and attend. We challenge all politicians and political parties to explain why they have been ignoring our communities for 15 years and only coming to us during election-time.

Fore more information contact:

Loyiso: 0737662078




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