Invitation to the Cape Town Shack Fire Summit

26 04 2011

Website: or
Email: office admin: 0732562036/073 4128 218

The above mentioned organization would like to invite your organization/ community/ area to a SHACK FIRE SUMMIT that will be held at QQ informal settlement site B Khayelitsha on 27 April 2011 from 10:00am to 13:00pm.

The aim of the event is to:

1. Light candles in memory of those who lose their lives within shack fire and the victims of shack fires.
2. Explore the course of shack fire, governmental intervention, and other humanitarian intervention
3. To come up with a program/ campaign to call for electrification of all shack settlement
For further details and direction please call our admin @ 073 412 8218

On behalf of ABM WC
Mzonke Poni
M WC Chairperson)
073 2562 036/ 083 446 5081


Jesus Christ lived in the townships

26 04 2011

PERCY ZVOMUYA – Apr 21 2011 07:30 – Mail & Guardian

When Cape Town clergyman Xola Skosana made the declaration last year that “Jesus Christ was HIV positive”, some within South Africa’s Christian community bristled with rage. That such a mildly radical proposition was marked by controversy and uproar is a measure of the state of today’s church. After all, what Skosana said was not in breach of basic church doctrine.
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Tue Apr 26 13:10:27 SAST 2011 Townships are hell, says cross-bearing pastor

26 04 2011
Apr 26, 2011 | Sabelo Mpana | Sowetan

A CAPE Town pastor, Xola Skosana, marched almost 14km carrying a huge wooden cross to proclaim that “South African townships are hell”

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