Blikkiesdorp residents long for dignity

22 03 2011

Giovanna Gerbi | EWN

Some residents of the temporary relocation area Blikkiesdorp in Cape Town on Tuesday said their human rights are in tatters because their living conditions are appalling.

Eyewitness News visited the tin shanty town outside Delft while the country commemorated Human Rights Day on Monday.

The first residents moved to the Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area – later dubbed ’Blikkiesdorp’ – in 2008. It was supposed to a short-term housing solution.
With music blaring out of a corrugated iron structure, resident Gabieba du Preez complained there is absolutely no privacy for her and her two young daughters.

She battles to wash herself and her toddlers as she shares an outside tap with three neighbours.

Du Preez is also worried about criminal elements in the area and added that she watches her girls like a hawk.

“When your child is outside, they are running here and there. And when you look again, they are gone. Anything can happen,” she said.

Other residents said they feel they merely exist instead of living dignified lives.




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