Media: Granny (81) living in fear

9 02 2011

Jan 28, 2011 | By Michael Nkalane | Sowetan

AN 81-year-old Cape Town woman says she lives in fear of her own daughter, who allegedly stole her ID book to open accounts at stores

A visibly scared Nompoto Mbeki of Gugulethu said her daughter Miseka Mgwayi, 42, “has been abusing me for the past 19 years” – since Mbeki divorced her husband in 1992.

After the divorce, Mgwayi immediately had a set of keys to Mbeki’s house cut for herself.  Shortly afterwards Mgwayi started shouting at her mother all the time, allegedly telling her that she (Mgwayi) was the new owner of the house.  And now, Mbeki says, her daughter has opened an account at a furniture store in her name after allegedly stealing her ID book.

“She bought a DVD player and other goods but dropped them off at her friend’s house,” Mbeki said.  “It would be better if she came here with those goods, because at least I would also have benefitted.”  Mgwayi still lives at the house despite the fact that her mother has applied for protection orders against her.

Mgwayi’s sister, Wintie, confirmed that Mgwayi was very abusive to their mother. “Last year she beat our mother and poured porridge over her,” she said.

But Mgwayi denied the claims – before threatening the Sowetan journalist if investigations continued.  “I do not abuse my mother. My mother even accused me of sleeping with my father,” she claimed.  She said she used Mbeki’s ID book with her consent.  “A sales person from Morkels store visited our home last September and advised us to open an account at the store,” she said.  “Since I don’t earn much, I asked to use my mother’s ID book, with a promise that I would pay all the instalments. And that is exactly what I am doing.”

The Gugulethu Anti-Eviction Campaign said it had taken up Mbeki’s case.

Campaign chairperson Mncedisi Twalo said Mbeki was living in fear.

“We want an appointment with the Gugulethu police station superintendent,” Twalo said.  “MaMbeki is clearly living in fear. She has interacted with the police and street committee but it seems none of them want to help her.”

Gugulethu police station spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana said he could not confirm whether Mbeki had laid charges against her daughter.




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