Solidarity: Sikhula Sonke’s Motion of Distrust Against the ANC and Government

12 03 2010

11 Mar 2010

Motion of distrust against the ANC will be put to the United Nations Commission and Minister of International Affairs on refugee rights for the situation in De Doorns and Government and the African Union’s lack of intervention in the torture of our Zimbabwe brothers and sisters and trade union leaders in Zimbabwe.The denial of the leadership of the ANC further endangers people’s lives. The speaker of Parliament and many other leaders have visited the camp, telling people that we are lying about the ANC instigating Xenophobia attacks in De Doorns. We invited the leadership of the ANC to accompany us to De Doorns and Stofland where we will introduce them to people who are willing to speak out, we just need assurance that they will be protected. Nobody came back regarding our request or even contacted us to talk about our concerns raised.

A motion of distrust against Government will be put to the South African Human Rights Commission for their lack of intervention where farm workers are concerned. SAHR published a report on rights violations in 2003 and made several recommendations to Government and none were implemented.

We still did not get any feedback from the South African Human Rights Commission whom we approached to investigate the matter.

The Minister of Labour announced that the Zimbabwe Minister of Labour will be visiting South Africa to discuss the situation of the Zimbabwe refugees. Farm workers and union leaders of the General Agriculture Plantation Workers Union are tortured by the dictatorship state of Zimbabwe. Is his first priority not to ensure decent lives for the people of Zimbabwe who still lives in the country in order for them to live lives of dignity?

Please join us at Keizergracht on Friday 12 March 2010. Our march will commence at 11h30. We will then proceed to National Parliament to hand memorandums to the United Nations Commission on refugee rights, Minister of International Affairs and the South African Human Rights Commission. The handover proceedings will start at 13h00. The march will be supported by Abhalali, non governmental organisations, social movements.
Sikhula Sonke
By Wendy Pekeur




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