Press Release: Livelihoods and Business Lost for Mitchells Plain Town Centre Traders

12 03 2010

The community of Mitchells Plain and the majority of Traders express disappointment at the local government in the way they have handled the allocation process in the Town Centre. According to the City they have followed procedure, but CHATA still objects to this claim as their grievances have not been listened or responded to.

The City claims CHATA has a membership of 15 people, when in reality CHATA’s membership is nearly 300 people each with a membership form completed in their own handwriting.

The situation in the Town Centre has not improved since the clearing of the lanes. Traders who have collected permits and are trading in city allocated spaces are extremely unhappy with the condition of the permits, the physical trading areas and they cannot sustain their livelihoods in the areas where they have been moved. Most Traders would agree that there has been a loss of business since the evictions on Monday, March 8, 2010.

The livelihoods of many people in Mitchells Plain were lost on Monday and the City must not continue to ignore the rights of the people.

For more information please call Mischka Cassiem at 0731286657 or Yasmeen at 0842875220




One response

24 03 2010

Long Live CHATA Long Live

As a resident in Mitchell’s PLain as well as trader. I feel it is a good thing that you guys are challenging the City. There has been a lot of injustices to the hawkers of Town Centre. When you apply for a block/permit they tell you 1(One) per family but how did it happen that people serving on the umbrella body’s families are allocated blocks and not just 1 or 2 but 4 to 6 blocks per family. If there was any investigations done with regards to allegations made. I see no fairness in their process.

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