CHATA: Hawkers fate tied in with the fate of Epping Market

26 01 2010

Mitchell’s Plain Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association
26 January 2010 – For Immediate Release

Meeting: Western Cape traders meeting at Epping Market – 10h00am

The situation for the Mitchell’s Plain traders is still very uncertain. We still do not know when evictions could take place. There have been threats that a Law Enforcement operation will commence to evict us anytime next month.

In response, CHATA has sent Mayor Dan Plato an email of concern regarding Law Enforcement’s plans in the area. Why are there plans to evict us when negotiations have not ended? Mr Ivan Anthony from the city has promised us that traders who have not registered yet can continue trading in their old spots until after negotiations have ended.  There is still another workshop planned for February.  Mayor Plato still has not responded to our complaints.We are worried that the City is merely using the workshop to pretend that they are consulting with us. We have found this to be the case elsewhere with other traders. The City uses negotiations to divide us and then comes right in to evict us. This is happening all over the Western Cape.

As CHATA, we will therefore be participating in a meeting with hawkers and traders from across the province. The meeting will be held in the meeting hall in Epping Market on Wednesday the 27th of January at 10h00am. We will be discussing government evictions, police harassment, and the manner in which by-laws are used to undermine our constitutional rights and our livelihoods.

All hawkers and traders are welcome to attend this meeting. The meeting is being supported by Fine Bros, Golden Harvest and all the agents at Epping Market. They are against evictions of traders because they say informal trading accounts for 70% of their business while the supermarkets only account for 30%. Our fate as hawkers is tied in with the fate of Epping Market.  If we suffer, the economy of the Western Cape suffers as well.

Anyone else interested in our struggle is welcome to attend this meeting as well.

For more information, please contact:

Mieshka at 073-128-6657 or 074-525-7336
Naiela at 072-905-0779




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