Corruption and forced removals in Tin Can Town

22 01 2010

22 January 2009 at 11h30
Blikkiesdorp Anti-Eviction Press Release

According to the notorious Lodewyk “Loot” Petersen (photo) of the City’s Anti-Land Invasions Unit, the 21 families evicted from Blikkiesdorp two days ago are to have their belongings confiscated and put in some location far away in Milnerton. Lokewyk claims he has the permission of Mzwandile Sokupa, the City’s Informal Settlements Manager.

But these 21 homeless families are among Delft’s poorest. They have nowhere else to go. They slept out in front of Blikkiesdorp for the past two nights because they don’t have any other alternative.

The actions of Lokewyk Petersen and Jimmy Jacobs are clearly illegal. According to the SA Constitution and the PIE Act, you cannot evict anyone from their home (whether they are there formally or informally) without a court order. The City of Cape Town is getting away with a clear contempt for the rule of law.

And why are they being evicted from shacks built by the city? Isn’t Blikkiesdorp supposed to house homeless people? Why are there hundreds upon hundreds of shacks standing empty in Blikkiesdorp while these 21 families with children and even a two week old baby lie outside on the sand without food or water?

The 21 families and other residents in Blikkiesdorp think they know why. Many were seen yelling at Lodewyk yesterday: “where is my R200?” They say that Lodewyk has been illegally selling Blikkies in the TRA. Indeed, this is not just a rumour (remember the AEC reported these accusations over 1 year ago). Residents are certain of this and are calling for an independent investigation into the allocation of the shacks by Lodewyk and other City officials.

Its clear: Blikkiesdorp is not a place for Delft’s homeless. Its a place where the City can throw people they evict from their homes in Woodstock, Gugulethu and Belhar. Its where they can dump ‘unwanted’ foreign nationals. Its where they can hide people that live and work on the streets in Cape Town’s CBD just in time for the Word Cup.

Its no wonder that Dan Plato received a slap in the face last time he came to Blikkiesdorp.

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