Chicago man shot during anti-eviction campaign action

8 01 2010

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign: Lenise Forrest and her family were evicted Jan 5th, 2010, in 13 degree weather. While trying to negotiate getting her belongings out of her apartment a man was shot just feet away.

The Chicago AEC has launched a new website here.  Follow them to stay informed.

Lenise Forrest put out, community fights back

Press Release, Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ongoing News Conference Outside

Lenise Forrest, a resident of Cabrini-Green, was evicted from her home AT 7AM yesterday morning. Member of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign are working to return Lenise to her home and demand that a moratorium on evictions be restored. For more information, or to support, please contact Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle at 773-355-8222.

Read Megan Cottrell’s coverage of Lenise’s eviction at One Story Up




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