Eviction Tomorrow of HIV Positive Resident of Blikkiesdorp

7 12 2009

Tomorrow in L block (L38) of Blikkiesdorp in Delft, an HIV-positive mother of four is facing eviction by the City of Cape Town. The eviction will be happening from 8am onward. The city claims that she is illegally occupying a place in Blikkiesdorp and have issued eviction notices. The woman was part of the first evictions in Delft in the houses along Symphony Way. She then was put into D block of Blikkiesdorp by the city with another resident. The community committee then agreed she was to move into an abandoned shack in L block as she was in dire need of a home to raise her family and care for her self. The shack she is living in now was not being used and was in damaged condition. The same city that evicted her from a home and moved her to a shack is now evicting her and providing no alternative or help. The city is denying its own citizens a place to live and encouraging disregard for the health and safety of its own people. An openly HIV positive citizen is being ignored and denied proper care in the form of a home to care for her self and her family.

All press are encouraged to come to the evictions tomorrow as we act in solidarity and support for people being forced out of their homes and those living with HIV.

For more information please contact Jerome Daniels 0730850940, Willy Heyn 0731443619, Fatima 0780840116




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