FIFA favors evictions in Woodstock

2 12 2009

Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Release
2 December 2009

While the government and FIFA are preparing to celebrate the World Cup draw with great pomp and ceremony, people in Woodstock are continuing to be evicted by parasitic slumlords. The other night, the 30th November, another 9 families were evicted from 61 Victoria Road by the owner Arnold Steenkamp on the basis that they could not afford the rent. The families are now living on the pavement. The City of Cape Town now plans to dump these families on the outskits of the City in Blikkiesdorp. Instead of spending millions on some stupid FIFA party why not rather build houses for the poor close to city centre and stop all evictions.

The arrogance of the rich and politicians is also becoming really absurd. This is highlighted by the fact that Dan Plato has claimed in the newspapers that Blikkiesdorp – where all people evicted from Woodstock are dumped – is some kind of paradise on Earth. If this is really the case, then we call on Mayor Plato and Arnold Steenkamp to leave these families in Woodstock and for them to rather move themselves to Blikkiesdorp along with holding the FIFA draw in Blikkiesdorp.

We call on all the international news media covering the World Cup Final Draw, to come to Blikkiesdorp and see the other, darker side of the World Cup…

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