Media: Security beefed up as Plato continues tour of troubles

24 11 2009

November 20, 2009 Edition 1
Quinton Mtyala – Cape Times

A DAY after being slapped by an angry woman during his surprise visit to troubled Blikkiesdorp, Mayor Dan Plato was again meeting people in an impoverished corner of Cape Town, but with a beefed-up security detail.Instead of jeers, he was greeted with indifference on his visit to areas in Philippi.

And although this reporter had seen him being slapped on Wednesday, Plato denied yesterday that he had been “klapped” and said it was one of his bodyguards the woman had smacked.

At a hall at Browns Farm, community leaders complained that water had been switched off to some people in the developed part of the area.

Plato said: “The city council does not switch off water, once people get their pink slips their water is put on a trickle system.”

Among other complaints was that waste containers that were centrally located in some of the informal settlements were often not being emptied.

Asked why streets were not being cleaned, Plato said it was council policy that only main streets would be swept.

On his walkabout in the “Kwa-Ken” informal settlement with a large contingent of metro police presence, he inspected toilets and taps. There was a strong stench.

Ntomboxolo Madyolo said later her biggest gripe about living in “Kwa-Ken” was that there were no toilets or electricity.

At the Marcus Garvey informal settlement, on a floodplain, an angry Nomaza Baloyi told Plato: “Every winter we get flooded, and every time the water enters our houses.”




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