Western Cape Informal Traders picket in front of Dan Plato’s office tomorrow morning

23 11 2009

CHATA Press Alert
23 November 2009

Concerned Hawkers and Traders Association of Mitchell’s Plain will be protesting outside Mayor Dan Plato’s office tomorrow (Tuesday) from 9am until 1pm as part of the Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition.

The Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition is a grouping of hawkers and traders organisations from all over the Western Cape.  Members will assemble at the Civic Centre by the Mayor’s office on Hertzog Blvd at 09h00 and are scheduled to present a list of demands to the mayor.  Plato has agreed to come and accept our memorandum.  All informal traders in the province are invited to participate.
CHATA has recently just one a significant victory forcing the City to consult with us through a series of workshops.   Even though the City had officially called of the evictions weeks ago, underhanded and illegal evictions were still taking place.  As of a few days ago however, all evictions have been completely stopped and no one will be moved at least until the end of December.

However, this is only a temporary victory.  CHATA demands that the City re-look at the Michell’s Plain Umbrella Body of traders which is undemocratic and unrepresentative.  There has recently been a vote of no-confidence in the Umbrella Body but the City has ignored that.  We demand that the Umbrella Body be declared illegitimate immediately.

CHATA will also be marching in support of all other informal traders in the Western Cape who’s grievances are being ignored by the city.  Each group’s grievances are legitimate and should be addressed by the City.

For more information on CHATA contact Mischka 0731286657, Naiela 0729050779 and Yasmeen 0842875220

For information on the traders WC Informal Traders Coalition, contact Mischka Cassiem at 0731286657 and Rashida Miller (Grand Parade Traders) 084-605-6135




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