Ashraf Cassiem Speaks in Baltimore – 16 November 2009

12 11 2009

Ashraf Cassiem, chairperson of the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (South Africa)
Monday Nov 16, 7PM @ 2640 (2640 St. Paul St.)
The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign has been fighting since 2000 on the frontlines of the struggle for the right to the city in postapartheid, neoliberal South Africa. The AEC is a grassroots coordinating body for over 15 community organizations fighting against displacement, privatization, poverty and police brutality, organized from below by and for the poor people of the Western Cape province. Join us as we welcome Ashraf Cassiem, AEC chairperson, for a presentation of the work of the AEC.

“As coordinators of the anti-eviction campaign, we are not leaders in the traditional authoritarian sense. Instead, we are like a set of cutlery. We are the tools that are there to be used by poor communities fighting against the cruel and oppressive conditions of South African society. Power to the poor people!”




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13 11 2009
Desmond D'Sa

Well done Ashraaf .

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