Media: Blikkiesdorp householders angered by police drugs raid

6 11 2009

November 05, 2009 Edition 2
Cape Times

BLIKKIESDORP residents are in the spotlight again, this time complaining that they are being mistreated by the law.
The South African Police Service was accused by residents of doing their job unethically and in a “wrong manner”.

The accusations come after police made a drugs raid at the temporary relocation area in Delft at about 4am yesterday.

Shahieda Eslar, 59, and her close neighbour, Nomthandazo Mjungu, 43, were at their wits end when their cupboard doors were left broken, their groceries thrown out and their clothing scattered about.

Eslar said: “We heard a helicopter and a vehicle, and the next thing there was loud banging on our door and a man screaming: ‘Maak oop hier!’ (Open up here!). We opened the door and two men, who were not in uniform, started rummaging through our belongings while the police officers looked on from their vans.”

She said that when her husband asked what was going on they did not answer; they just kept throwing things everywhere. They even cut through the plastic floor covering.

Mjungu said the same thing happened to her, and when she went to report the matter to the Delft Police Station, they sent her away and told her they could not help her.

This was the first drugs raid to take place in Blikkiesdorp.

The spokesman for Delft Police Station, Joe Wilson, said the raid was carried out with the help of neighbourhood watches.

They had received many complaints about drugs at Blikkiesdorp.

He said they had made nine arrests for offences ranging from possession of dagga, tik and ammunition. They also arrested a man for assault.




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