Media: Symphony Way families move to Blikkiesdorp

4 11 2009

November 03, 2009 Edition 2
Aziz Hartley – Cape Times

THE 136 families living on the pavement of Symphony Way in Delft for almost two years have been moved, most to the nearby Blikkiesdorp temporary relocation area.
The families, former backyard dwellers from Delft and surrounds, were among hundreds evicted in February, 2008, from unfinished N2 Gateway houses they illegally occupied in December, 2007, at the instigation of the DA councillor for the area, Frank Martin.

“We were supposed to move from Symphony Way on October 19 according to the Western Cape High Court order, but following negotiations with the city council, it was agreed for us to move a week later. There are 96 families now at Blikkiesdorp, but the others have returned to live in backyards or with relatives,” former Symphony Way squatter Kareemah Linneveldt said. She said the move to Blikkiesdorp was completed on Friday.

“So far it has been fine and peaceful. There is water and the taps and toilets are working. The city promised that we’ll have electricity before the end of the month and this morning Eskom workers were busy here,” Linneveldt said.

Anti Eviction Campaign leader Ashraf Cassiem, who visited the site yesterday, said: “I still believe that Blikkiesdorp is not the place for people. People moved because they want to avoid confrontation (with authorities).”

Meanwhile council workers began to clean up the area along Symphony Way the squatters had occupied.




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