’Every night I take tablets’ to live in Blikkiesdorp

2 11 2009

Malungelo Booi | 2 November 2009 | Eyewitness News

Some of Blikkiesdorp’s newest residents believe they may spend the rest of their lives in the temporary relocation area.

Monday marks a week since the City of Cape Town moved 23 families from their pavement shacks in Delft to nearby Blikkiesdorp after securing a court order.

The families had erected shacks on the pavement in Symphony Way after they were evicted from government houses they had invaded in late 2007.

Matilda Groepe said she was trying to make the best of a bad situation.

She admits life is not easy in Blikkiesdorp.

“Every night I have to take tablets because I am just not happy.”

Another resident, Jerome Daniels, has challenged officials to spend a night in their corrugated structures.

“I want Helen Zille and Dan Plato just to stay here and feel how life is like in Blikkiesdorp.”

The residents believe with Cape Town’s housing backlog being what it is, they will probably spend the rest of their lives in Blikkiesdorp.




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